Organising Your Contract Management Process

posted by Chris Valentine

Organising your contract management process is of huge importance. After all, contracts are at the centre of everything we do as a business. The relationships we have and the activities we carry out are often tied to contracts. All contracts represent an interaction, and so you need to make sure that they are drafted and organised to perfection. With that being said, below, we are going to take a look at how to organise your contract management process with contract management software.

The first thing you need to do is find the best contract lifecycle management software for the job. The good news is that you do not need to look very far, as Symfact has everything you need. This contract management system can be used anywhere in the world, on any device. If that was not enough, it comes with a huge range of features, including plenty of templates that you can use and automation tools so that you can speed up the process and handle your contracts in the most efficient manner. 

Not only do you need to choose the correct software management solution, but you need to make sure that you have a process and a plan in place. You need to figure out how you want to organise your contracts. For example, naming your contracts is important. This is one area where a lot of businesses tend to go wrong. They will simply choose a name that comes into their mind then and there – something convenient, and there is no thought behind it. This is an option that you should ever go for. Instead, you need to have a very specific naming process. There should be an idea behind it. This will make it a lot easier for people to search for contracts and to work efficiently. 

Once you have done this, you will then need to start using your contract management software effectively so that you can organise all of your contracts and the procedure. You should develop a database of boilerplate contract templates. A contract management solution will give you the ability to store general categories of boilerplate contracts, which will give you the basis for any new negotiations in the future. Make sure that the contracts are categorised in your database so that administrators can have the assistance they need when it comes to the management of a big quantity of supplier and vendor contracts for the procurement of different services and goods.

It is also important to make sure you have an efficient system in place for tracking contract changes. When you are negotiating a contract, administrators can have the ability to look at any historical changes to a contract through the contract management application. This can be useful when it comes to the evaluation of the process involved in contract negotiation, for example, determining any sorts of concessions that have been made during the negotiations. Moreover, you will often find that there are useful tools you can make the most of with your contract management system. This includes developing agendas for meetings with people relating to certain contracts, scheduling meetings, sharing information across an enterprise, and using calendaring systems too. 

You will also want to make sure that you have a procedure in place for tracking the performance of your contracts. Again, this is something that you are going to be able to do with the right contract management software, such as the solution that is provided by Symlift. Requirements relating to contract performance can be a tracked feature. Whenever a key performance requirement has been fulfilled, this can be noted. This will be beneficial because it enables you to identify any contracts that need attention. For example, you will be able to determine when performance requirements are not delivered in accordance with established timelines. Aside from this, you need to make sure you put a process in place for managing terminated contracts, as well as establishing a procedure for managing contracts that have been closed.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of contract management software and how you can use it effectively. Contract management software provides you with the perfect base so that you can handle all of your contracts effectively, ensuring compliance is met and that the process is efficient. It is important for all business owners to take the time to optimise and organise their contract management process.

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