5 Ways Businesses Are Going Green and Saving Money Doing It

posted by Chris Valentine

Going green doesn’t have to break the budget. Click here to learn 5 easy ways businesses are going green and actually saving money.

More and more companies have started to take an environmentally-conscious approach to business. Despite fears that “green” initiatives are too costly to be sustainable, many businesses have found that going green can help them save money in the long run.

In fact, because customers prefer to shop at businesses that are eco-friendly, it could even improve your bottom line.

If you’re ready to give sustainable thinking a try, read on for five easy ways companies can improve their environmental impact without breaking the bank.

1. Put Electronics to Sleep

Want a fast and simple way to lower your electric bills? Try unplugging your electronics and appliances while they’re not in use.

Electronics and appliances, like computers, printers, and televisions, all draw small amounts of power even when they’re turned off. Known as standby power, this power could account for up to 10% of your total electricity usage per month. Make sure that you turn off electronics whenever they aren’t in use, and unplug anything that won’t be used for a few days (like over the weekend).

If you need to leave your computers on for update processes to run overnight, try putting them to sleep. The EPA estimates that setting your computers to go to sleep automatically when not in use could save you up to $50 per year per computer.

2. Reduce Transportation Emissions

According to the EPA, transportation is responsible for almost 30% of America’s carbon emissions. A large part of this is due to commuters driving to and from work in personal cars every day.

Ways to reduce your workplace’s transportation carbon footprint include:

  • Offering incentives for carpooling or biking to work
  • Providing reimbursement for public transportation
  • Offering telecommute options
  • Having an office-wide “work from home” day each week

Lead by example and encourage your employees to take advantage of these eco-friendly transportation options.

3. Replace Windows with Translucent Panels

If you’re hoping to save big on energy bills while still keeping your office cool, translucent wall panels are the way to do it. The panels are made of durable interlocking polycarbonate and come in varied colors and levels of translucency.

They let enough gentle light through to keep your space feeling bright and cheery, but insulate against the heat and cold weather outside. If you use them to replace old windows, they could eventually pay for themselves in energy bill savings.

4. Go Digital

Going paperless can save your business a lot of money in paper and ink while also reducing your waste. But don’t stop at digitizing your paper files—why not update your physical network servers to virtual servers along with it? One university that made the switch to virtual servers was able to save $280,000 in energy bills over three years.

5. Invest in Reusable Products

Do you find yourself constantly buying disposable products like cups, plates, water bottles, and eating utensils? Cut back on the waste you produce by buying reusable products instead. You can start using less paper, switching to reusable eco-friendly bags from eco-conscious companies like TOMS, Polythene UK, A Good Company, trying out  sustainable packaging from Moormaster, ShipStation, Easy Ship for shipping etc. To minimize your environmental impact even further, purchase used items from a thrift store or have employees donate things they no longer need.

Going Green Is Easy with These Great Tips

Going green doesn’t have to mean exceeding your budget. These methods can save you money and help save the environment, all at the same time.

For more helpful business tips, make sure to check back with us regularly!

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