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5 Reasons Why To Choose A Poly Tank

posted by Chris Valentine

This article was written by Tim Pulman who has extensive knowledge and experience in Home Building, Construction, and Design. He writes articles in his free time and partners with content creators to share his expertise with the online community.

The world today is experiencing unpredictable weather patterns due to global climate changes and other factors. This has led to water shortages in many parts of the world. In order to cope with these ever-rising challenges, it is advisable to secure a reliable, smooth, and stable water supply, and what better way to do this than ensure that you have a water storage tank at your place of residence or work?

It is fair to say that a water tank is a must-have for any residential or commercial property, especially under the scorching and unforgiving sun in places like Australia. There are several types of water storage tanks but here is a list of reasons why a poly tank should be top of your list:

They are corrosion resistant.

Many people worry about the quality of their stored water being compromised since it remains enclosed in a fixed position for a significant amount of time. However, as opposed to metal tanks, poly tanks never corrode. This ensures that your water doesn’t leak away at any given time.

Being corrosion-free also means that the poly tanks never rust over time, thus ensuring their longevity. You won’t even need to replace your poly tank any time soon! The quality of your drinking water is also safe from contamination from unwanted elements arising from rust and corrosion.

They have Premium UV stabilizers

A UV stabilizer is a substance used to prevent water damage from long term degradation due to UV light. The stabilizers work by either absorbing or screening out UV radiation, thus protecting water from damage. UV radiation damages the water through changing the biology of the micro-organisms, which alter the DNA in the cells of water, thus impeding reproduction.

The treatment makes the micro-organisms less effective, but the process depends on exposure to the sun and the water quality. The poly tanks are therefore molded by a material called Carbon Black Resin, which acts as an absorber of UV light, thus protecting the water.

They are weather resistant.

Poly tanks are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. They don’t easily crack under pressure, and as mentioned earlier, they are UV resistant, thus keeping the water safe from the extreme heat. In addition, the tanks are also supported by the self-supporting roofs, unlike other tank roofs, which are likely to collapse due to weak joints.

They are portable

Poly tanks are lightweight, which makes them easy to move around, and also installation becomes easier. Due to their portability, poly tanks come in handy in hilly or rocky terrain. Despite their weight, these tanks are incredibly strong and durable.

The poly tanks also come in a wide range of colors to suit your preference. In addition, they are easy to paint as well as improving on their aesthetic beauty. Inside, they are applied with a special kind of paint, which keeps the water safe for consumption by both animals and humans. The paint also protects the water from chemical contaminants.

The tanks are also available in different sizes ranging from 2,500 liters to 50,000 liters. Their shapes also vary between cuboid, spherical, and cylindrical. All these factors do not affect their incredible portability and ease of installation.

They are Environment-friendly

The act of conserving water in itself is a measure of preserving our Green Earth Environment. The poly tank design, coupled with the fact that there are no rusts, ensures minimal leakage, thus guaranteeing maximum conservation of the water.

Also, the fact that the poly tanks are made of plastic means that they are 100% recyclable. In case of any leakages, the tanks are easy to fix using environmentally friendly material.

The points, as mentioned above, are just some of the numerous advantages that are guaranteed when you use the Australian poly tanks. Get yourself one that suits your needs now and start saving water.

In a nutshell, saving water is as important in areas that have an abundance of this vital and lifesaving commodity as it is in areas devoid of it. You never know, times are rapidly changing! You could be saving someone from drowning in floods by storing excess rainwater.

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