6 benefits of outsourcing the recruitment process

posted by Chris Valentine

Ready to secure an outstanding new employee for your business? Whether it is to fill a vacancy or a newly created role, we can bet that your goal is to find the right candidate as quickly as possible. And we are certain that you want to keep costs down and mitigate wasted resources that could be focusing on other crucial ‘business as usual’ matters.  

But how do you achieve these goals? Well, we are biased of course, but we believe that the answer is to outsource recruitment to a specialist consulting firm who can professionally represent your needs. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should outsource your company’s hiring needs a recruitment expert in Australia.

1. Candidate reach

Put simply, experienced recruiters have access to the widest possible talent pool to fill your vacancies. They are professional networkers who spend all day (and night) building valuable relationships and connections with high-quality talent. Some of these candidates are actively seeking work and some only want to be kept in the loop if the perfect job comes along. Those people are not applying to job adverts, you would not have access to them as a general rule and they are often the ones you want to be able to reach. Recruiters also gain information about high-quality candidates via referrals – clients and candidates that can give first-hand knowledge about how somebody performs in the role. Having a broader, well researched shortlist means you’re more likely to find the perfect hire first time around. 

2. Costs

What is the cost of a bad hire to your business? Precious time and resources on hiring and onboarding, the reputation of your brand – not to mention the effect on culture. A premium recruitment process may require an initial outlay in cost, but the long term benefit of ensuring that your hire has been professionally and thoroughly managed is assuring. And with options for monthly instalment payments, it is much more manageable. 

3. Guarantees

Sometimes, new hires just don’t work out. But that’s okay if you’re working with an external recruitment agency. Why? Because most fees generally incorporate a guarantee period, meaning the process of sourcing a replacement is managed free of charge (within terms agreed) so that you can focus on ‘business as usual’ matters whilst the process happens.  An outsourced recruiter will take this process very seriously, they will want to ensure that they find a solution for their client as quickly as possible and maintain good favour – will an internal recruiter work as tirelessly the second time around? 

4. Reliability

What happens if your Internal Recruitment Consultant leaves your organisation? Or the hiring manager for a particular department?  Two things: you lose their expertise, but you also risk losing much-needed IP in relation to recruiting for specific roles in your organisation.   

That’s where having a highly valuable relationship with an outsourced recruiter comes in. When a relationship is established with the right recruitment agency, they make sure that they have their best people across your account – they DON’T want to lose it. Multiple Consultants, resourcing assistants and the manager will all have an understanding of what works best when sourcing suitable people for your business – even if you liaise with 1 person, in particular, the entire team engages when working on all recruitment projects. Valuable and detailed information is also stored on their database in relation to previous assignment. 

5. Branding

Often when an external party like an outsourced recruiter promotes your brand it can be super advantageous. Candidates connect with recruitment agency consultants and build trusting relationships with them. They will listen to their advice and be professionally influenced. It also opens up the opportunity to be presented with candidates that may not initially connect with your brand from an advertisement. 

6. Analytics 

Recruitment experts know how to analyse everything from hiring trends to employee performance. This means you’ll always have access to the current data you need to make the best recruitment decisions. 

In the long term, this means you can evaluate your hiring process and find even better ways to drive down costs.  


It’s not easy to find the right candidates for your business, especially if you go it alone. But with recruitment experts on your side, you can save money and cut back on wasted resources without compromising on candidate quality. So, to partner with a premium recruitment agency Australia, contact the MJD Executive team today on 02 8042 1840.  

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