Best Ways to Contact Groupon’s Customer Service

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are looking for the best way to contact Groupon’s Customer Service due to some challenges using their service, you have a number of ways you could reach them, including sending emails and calling. However, sometimes your emails will not return answers, so it is always advisable to try another solution including using their self-service options to get what you need. It could feel frustrating to resolve a customer service issue if none of the mediums you have used return a response. Here are some of the best ways you can contact Groupon for a quick solution to your problem.

Chat with customer support

The chat option lets you connect directly with support representatives so you can share your issue for a solution. There are few processes you need to go through to reach a support representative for live chat. First, open the customer support page of Groupon on their website and type “help” in the search bar and hit “Continue”. You will be redirected to the live chat box where you will need to enter your email and name then a description of your issue before you hit “Start chat”. You will talk to one of their representatives about your issue and probably they will help you. This allows you to share all information about your problems and could get them to offer a solution faster.

Call them

The other option you have to reach Groupon Customer Service is to call them. Note that there are several numbers provided depending on region that you can call to get help. Just browse through their list of numbers to call for help. You also have to note that the call could take some time as in some cases you will be put in a queue and you have to wait until you are picked to share your problem. However, this is more reliable than sending them an email as the problem is resolved on the spot.

Contact us page

If you are not in a hurry to get them to solve your problem, you could drop your issues at the Groupon contact us page. This is more like sending an email and you would need to wait on queue with others who sent emails. While contacting the company through their email or contact us page make sure to describe your problem comprehensively to ensure once the support team gets hold of your email they will not need to email back to ask for more information. This will ensure quick resolution.

Social media

You can also try all the options mentioned above in combination with social media channels like Twitter. These companies value their image and when you confront them on public platforms like Twitter they will be quick to get your problem resolved.

Contacting Groupon is sometimes frustrating and could delay the formulation of a solution to your problem. If you are having issues you need to resolve, make sure to choose one of the channels described above to reach the company and get the problem addressed. Just ensure you describe your problem comprehensively while contacting them.

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