How Can You Make Each Of Your Business Emails Look Professional And Eye-Catching?

posted by Chris Valentine

Nowadays, email has become the preferred form of communication with colleagues and clients. It is a vital part of every business, but it can’t bring you many benefits if you approach it in the wrong way!

Modern technologies allow you to send and receive messages from anywhere in the world, which is very convenient. However, because of this convenience, people make ridiculous mistakes that can have disastrous consequences for their professional activities. For example, when you write a message on your phone, you can make a spelling mistake or write in a non-professional style.

Such mistakes can ruin your reputation and draw your potential customers away from you. In this article, we are going to discuss tips and tricks that will help you avoid some common mistakes and look more professional in your emails.

How To Make Every Email Look Professional?

  1. Use A Professional Email Address

The best option to use is your corporate address – the one that consists of your name or department and your company’s name. However, if you need to use a personal email for work sometimes, make sure it has an appropriate address. If the address includes your name and surname, that’s a perfect option as the recipient will easily identify who is contacting them.

  1. Follow The Right Email Structure

Every email should consist of the following elements:

  • Subject line;
  • Greetings;
  • Introduction:
  • Main part;
  • Conclusion.

It is important to follow the right structure and use the right elements in each part of your letter. For example, you should use the appropriate form of greetings like Dear Sir/Madam, etc.

  1. Create A Perfect Subject Line

The subject of the letter should be clear and precise because people decide whether to open the letter or not only by looking at its name. Thus, even if you have composed an excellent letter, a bad subject can spoil everything. Therefore, the recipient must understand what the letter is about and what issues it concerns.

The topic should be perceived as the title of the text: it should contain the main thought while being eye-catching and intriguing.

  1. Personalize Your Letters

Whenever you are making a newsletter or just sending a message to a new person, you have to personalize it. This adds a sense of trust and friendliness, and it also makes you look more professional. However, in business, personalization is not only about greeting your recipient by their name. It’s only the top of the iceberg! Thus, you should learn as much as you can about the person you are reaching out to and use this information to make a relevant and interesting offer.

Your main goal is to make a potential customer or partner feel like you have composed your email specifically for them. People normally don’t like seeing automatic templates that are sent to everyone while a personalized letter will help you establish a connection and grow trust.

  1. Add An Email Signature

You may wonder how this relates to the professional look of your letters, but we recommend taking it for granted! Unfortunately, many people underestimate this important element missing out on a whole range of opportunities:

  • Traffic – links included in your email signature help you drive more traffic to website or blog, and the more emails you send, the more traffic you get!
  • Generate new leads.
  • Social channels – if you want to get more subscribers, include clickable social media icons and ask recipients to check out your pages.
  • Brand – with a high-quality corporate signature, your brand will become more recognizable.
  • Professionalism – emails with signatures look more professional and deserve more trust.
  • Increases open and response rates.
  • Eye-catching letters – messages with such a bright element drive attention and are more memorable than regular emails.

All of these benefits of using a professional email signature are real, and all you need to get them is to spend a few minutes on creating a unique footer! The easiest way to do this is to use an email signature generator.

  1. Deliver Relevant And Interesting Content

The content of your emails really matters. Not only does it have to be clear, concise, and straight to the point, it should also bring value to your recipient. You should remember that your email’s goal is to establish a dialogue or encourage people to take action. This will only be possible if the content you deliver is interesting and memorable.

  1. Use A Strong Call To Action

Remember that the purpose of your email marketing is to “activate” the user. Offer users to try your product or service, ask them to visit a website or take any other action.

You will be surprised how many recipients are willing to do whatever you want them to if you create a clear and powerful call to action!

  1. Exclamation Marks

Try to use exclamation marks in your messages only when it is really necessary. Such things may add a certain mood to your letter, but using too many of them is unacceptable in business correspondence. You can put one or a few marks across your letter but only when it’s necessary. Otherwise, try to go without them.

Also, the same applies to words or phrases written in all capitals. This looks unprofessional, so you shouldn’t do that.

  1. Think Twice Before You Hit “Send To All”

No one wants to read a lot of emails that have nothing to do with them and their work. Such letters only distract from work. Therefore, send emails to specific people, do not force others to waste their time on unnecessary things.

  1. Be Careful With Humor

Professional correspondence is best left without humor if you are not well familiar with the recipient. Also, what’s funny to you will not always be funny to someone else. Therefore, we recommend keeping the tone of your emails friendly but not making them funny. This won’t contribute to your professional image.

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