Valid reasons for wanting to leave your job and find another

posted by Chris Valentine

Many reasons can inspire you to want to quit your job and find another? Thousands of people each and every day quit their jobs and they all have their reasons, some valid others not so much. Take a look at five valid reasons for quitting your job:

The company is not paying you enough

If a company isn’t paying you enough for the role you are undertaking then it can be a problem, in many ways it is actually extremely unfair. How can you tell if a company isn’t paying you enough? What you can do is take a look at job market info to be able to see how much the average person also in your position is being paid, you can even look at employment facts a the current time. However, salary range may depend on the location and your level of expertise. For example, the salary rate of software engineers in Austin can reach up to $188K annually.

Unresolved bullying in the workplace

This is actually a relatively common occurrence even in this day and age. Nobody deserves to go to work and be bullied, it´s not good for you mental health and under no circumstances acceptable. If you have exhausted all options in talking with your superiors and HR and none wish to listen, it is necessary for you to quit. You must cite your reason for quitting as unresolved workplace bullying and even take the company to an industrial tribunal.

Your health

A person’s health is the most important thing, if you are unable to continue to work then this might mean you need to resign from your position. If the doctor advises you to take a leave of absence or worse, to resign due to health problems, then follow his orders and do as he says. First and foremost is your health.

The job isn’t what you expected or what you were led to believe

Sometimes this happens and it’s extremely unfortunate. If you start a job and realise that it wasn’t what you expected or they misled you in terms of job description then you are well within your rights to quit. Nobody wants to do a job that they don’t like however unlike the point above, it won’t kill you to do it until you find another.

Getting taken advantage of by bosses

Sometimes if you are calm person, bosses can get the impression that you are a pushover and often pile work which goes way over your normal schedule in order to hit their own targets and this can often be overwhelming, in some cases 3 to 4 hours extra work every single day. If you have tried to resolve this with your boss and even gone above them and nothing has been resolved, then the next option is to quit your job.

Quitting your job is the last option when you have no choice but to do so or have accepted and signed a contract for a new and improved job.

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