Hidden Health Benefits to Playing Golf – Things you Wouldn’t have Thought Swinging a Club can do for You

posted by Chris Valentine

Golfing is a sport for the select, as many would agree. Not everyone is attracted to gold, and people that are, are usually part of a distinct branch of society. And by that we don’t mean rich but attracted to things that are often times more consistent than what’s in the media. That being said, people play gold for various reasons. Many play for competition, others play for sport and some even play to win money off of gambling. Regardless of what attracts you to golf, there are some health benefits that you probably haven’t thought about even though at a second glance they’re a bit obvious. If you plan on getting serious about golf (serious enough to go for the best iron –, you should definitely know about some of the things that it does for you without you even knowing.

Breath of fresh air

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t go out a lot, you should really thank golf. You might have not realized it but it’s getting you out of the house. More than that, golf puts you in the middle of nature and lets you breath fresh air. This is invaluable in this day and age and there aren’t a lot of places quite as clean as the golf course.

Enhances your bladder

You most likely weren’t expecting this one, but it’s true. On the golf course you often times find yourself in need of a bathroom break but that’s just not possible sometimes. Instead, you learn to control your bladder a lot better and hold it in. It’s not necessarily healthy to hold it in for long period of time but you might one day find yourself in a situation where you have no chance and that’s when you’re really going to thank golf.

Great cardio

The little golf cart that you drive around surely subtracts from this but even so, golf can make for some great cardio. Moving from hole to hole is a lot of exercise especially on a golf course that features multiple forms of terrain with uneven surfaces. Every time you golf, you are also putting in a hell of a workout which means you benefit double.

A lot of positive effects on the brain

The fact that your muscles benefit from golf is easier to deduct, but who would have thought that it is so benefic for the brain? First of all, you stimulate your brain every time you play by having a competitive attitude and wanting to outdo your friends and golf partners. This builds up confidence and self-esteem. Secondly, you also keep the heart rate up as you go through a golf course and the end result is that your heart pumps blood faster and more efficiently to your brain. It even helps prevent mental illness like dementia.

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