5 Sports Every Man Should Not Miss To Watch Live

posted by Chris Valentine

Nothing beats watching a sport’s game live. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of loud cheering and camaraderie. Most sports fans will attend live matches at least once a year. It is one of the most favorable entertainment outlets. Some fans purchase season tickets, and some even travel to different states and countries to cheer for their favorite teams. In all cases, each sport has its own unique experience,

Here we have gathered the top 5 favorite sports every man should watch live.

1.    Basketball

Basketball is an American sport that is loved by people all over the world. Attending a live match is very common and it’s easy to buy tickets for the whole season. In Los Angeles in particular, basketball is extremely popular. Laker tickets are released very early on before the season begins. You can clearly see here the different kinds of options available, which is how most fans like to buy their tickets for the season ahead of time.

Attending a live basketball match is a unique experience that every man longs to participate in. It is an indoor match, on a clean and polished wood platform, played by professional players who are constantly swivelling, regrouping, and changing course; players might seem like they are endlessly passing the ball, however, the rush that is felt when they score, is indescribable.

It might look chaotic, but every basketball fan over there knows exactly what is going on, and this is something that people all over the world enjoy watching. The fact is, order comes out from what may look chaotic or random, which makes it such a unique sport to watch live.

2.    Football

“Men and football” is a bond that is found across all cultures, nationalities, and ages. Football is the most entertaining sport for men of all ages, as they relate to it. Watching a football match live is priceless. Moreover, attending a full tournament, whether it’s the Champions League, the European League or FIFA World Cup, it might be a once in a lifetime experience for many.

The green football field is like the plot where there are villains (the opponents) and a hero (favorite player), the plot has twists, real moments, sad ones, and cheerful outcomes. Whether it’s a happy or sad ending, being there in the stadium while cheering or sharing disappointments with their favorite team is a must experience for every man.

3.    Baseball

Although baseball off season is long, the real fans always wait for their favorite teams to shine in the next season. The history of the game holds up to its fans more than anything. The stories behind the iconic men who have helped make MLB, have been loved and worshipped by many fans over the years.

Attending a baseball game live might be quite different than many sports on this list. It is quite a long experience, with more mental ability than physical ones. This sport still has the window of top records till today, which makes attending live, according to fans, quite important; hoping to experience a new MLB record live.

4.    American Football

Attending an American football game is a must for everyone. Most importantly, never miss the American football tailgate, it is a party held by fans and starts around 5 hours before the game. Many fans will be in parking lots or any area around the stadium, grilling local foods and drinking a huge amount of beer. Whether it is sunny, rainy, day or night, tailgating will happen, it is all about having fun, and some even start their own teams and play football themselves. Remember to wear your team’s T-shirts or even just a cap.

5.    Hockey

Hockey is a game that is played on ice or on the field, which makes it a unique sport. The hockey arena experience is unforgettable, there are always free contests to enter when you walk by, where you can win free prizes. This helps in building strong bonds between fans. Nothing will create a rush of adrenaline more than watching these skillful players scoring through the coolest moves; at full speed with more than 15 parts of their body.

Attending any of these games live is a must for every man. It creates a shared bonding experience for all who attend and unforgettable memories. Getting to experience all a stadium or arena has to offer, and enjoying the food and drinks while cheering on your favorite team. Regardless of what sport you choose to follow, it’s bound to bring you closer together when watching a game live.

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