Shopping for the Best Electric Skateboard: What to Look At

posted by Chris Valentine

Electric skateboards have really started their commercial history in the early 2000’s but today many developers caught on to this popular trend. For a shopper this means two things. One is that there are many top-quality devices with great features as competition pushes manufacturers to do better. The other is that buying the best electric skateboard for you can be a challenge as there are so many options to choose from. To ensure that you pick the best device, be sure to take a look at expert reviews and consider most important factors, such as waterproofing, motor, capacity, warranty, and price.

6 Steps to Buying the Best Electric Skateboard

  1. Assess the capacity

The first thing you should do is to find out the capacity of the board, meaning the amount of weight it can carry. If it can’t support you loaded with a bag, or barely meets this requirement, the device will be useless to you.

Surprisingly, this particular factor is most often overlooked by buyers, which results in frequent breakdowns and accidents. Don’t make this mistake and be sure to find out this particular measurement if it’s not provided in product description.

When doing this, consider the overall weight and size of the board as well. Heavy models among electric skateboards are usually more diverse in terms of features and often have batteries with a higher capacity. Small and light boards are easier to carry inside public transport and maneuver in general. However, they are often most basic.

  1. Find out if it’s waterproof or water-resistant

A skateboard is a rideable which cannot avoid water, unless you only take it on when the roads are perfectly dry. Considering the danger of mixing water and electricity, waterproofing is an important factor defining the best electric skateboards.

Unfortunately, even top-of-the-line devices like Boosted and Inboard power boards are only water-resistant today. Despite the limitations, you should choose the model with a high water-resistance capacity and study the instructions that describe which situations the device ‘can handle’.

  1. Study expert reviews

You should always study personal reviews from experienced riders when choosing a powered skateboard for sale. You may even do this before researching what boards are available within your price/weight range. That’s because these devices are very different and each has specific pros and cons that can be identified only by a rider.

Expert opinions can help you create a shortlist of the best devices that will meet your specific needs. When assessing them be sure to consider the conditions where you plan to use your board. If you want to take it for speedy rides on country roads, reviews from a big city dweller who navigates busy sidewalks won’t do.

  1. Choose the motor type for you

When shopping for best electric skateboard you’ll need to choose between hub and geared/pulley motor systems. The hub isn’t very good when a big power surge is needed, like for climbing hills. However, it’s quite lightweight and offers good braking capacity. Hub motors also don’t need much maintenance.

Geared motors are more powerful and will be the best if you plan to ride your board hard and over complex terrains. As they give you more torque, they are much more efficient in acceleration. Good brakes are a must for such a device, so read up on user reviews before buying.

  1. Look at the warranty terms

Even the best electric skateboard might not last long as these devices usually suffer much abuse and wear and tear. Depending on the frequency of use and conditions under which you ride, the board can break down rather fast.

Note that this doesn’t mean that the device itself is bad. These gadgets are far too sensitive for the trials they sometimes have to face. However, choosing the longest warranty available will be a definite plus. Consider warranty extension as well.

  1. Compare prices

Price does not define the best electric skateboard, but in general, the best models are more expensive because they include more efficient and therefore expensive parts. However, variations are many, so study the characteristics of every piece of the board.

Depending on your needs, you can save on choosing a less efficient battery or less powerful motor. Never compromise on your safety and remember that replacing an unfit device will be more expensive than buying one capable of handling your level of use from the start.

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