Michael T Eckhardt – The Best Things About Being a Sports Fan

posted by Chris Valentine

If you, like Michael T Eckhardt, are a self-described die-hard fan for your favorite team, you already know that watching your team win an important game can make you feel great – and even when they don’t win, there is something quite comforting in the knowledge that thousands of other people are feeling exactly the same emotions are you are.  Watching sports can be a very powerful act of bond-building and studies confirm over and over again that this is an important contributor to mental well-being.  Here are some other great things about being a sports fan.

You can scream to your heart’s content

We all know that it can feel pretty good to let loose with some top of the lungs hooting and hollering, and the sad truth is that there are very few places these days where you can scream to your hearts content without worrying about someone calling the police!  An excellent way to clear the cobwebs and get the blood pumping, screaming along with thousands of other people at the same time is also a great way to generate a mental-health boosting “we-feeling.”


Many people report feeling inspired to become more active as a result of being a sports fan.  Not only do many people get on the field, rink, or court to try their hand at their favorite sports, but they also have a boost of confidence while doing so because the nuances of the game are already well-in-hand.

Bonding with friends and family

Whether your sports watching habits involve getting together with your best buddies to watch the game, or if it is a family affair, participating in a common activity is a great way to strengthen bonds of family or friendship.  In addition to the basic advantage of having a reason to get together on a regular basis, these social bonds are strengthened when everyone is pulling for the same team, and is experiencing both the joys of victory and the sting of defeat together.

You always have something to talk about

Next to the weather, one of the most common conversation starters at the watercooler is sure to be “how about that game last night?”  Following the local sports teams, even if you aren’t a superfan, means that you won’t leave your colleague hanging.

It models positive values

Despite the occasional scandal in the sports world, on the whole it is organized around positive values – team-work, good sportsmanship, commitment and hard work.  The real world sometimes falls quite short of meeting these ideals, and watching them in action on the field can offer a much needed respite.  Watching sports with children provides a great way to teach them about these important qualities as well.

These are just some of the many ways that being a sports fan can enrich your life.  So put on your favorite jersey and take the gang to the game!

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