The astronomical rise of online gaming and why you should give it a spin!

posted by Chris Valentine

Recent years have seen the world of online gaming and casinos sky rocket. Online casinos have fast become one of the biggest industries on the internet, turning over billions each year. Uniting professional and amateur gamblers across a plethora of continents, it is easy to see why people keep getting drawn back. But what’s so good about them we hear you ask? Here we give you some of the top positive reasons of why online casinos keep winning over our hard-earned cash.

The rise of online gaming means you can play roulette in your PJ's

The ease and variety of it all

Firstly, you are completely and utterly spoilt for choice. Unlike the land-based casinos where you are limited to what is available, the internet provides absolutely no end of casino games. One can bet on anything from the latest football match, to boxing to poker. What’s even greater is that you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas. You can stop when you want to stop, go and take a snack from the fridge and relax. The online market also makes betting possible for those who may be ill, or unable to get to a land based casino. Check this list for a roundup of some of the most popular online casinos out there!

Exclusive offers

With so many online casinos rivalling one another, this makes a deeply competitive market. However, this is good news for us as casinos can offer fantastic welcome packages or exclusive bonuses. Many casinos offer free spins, and the chance to play before parting with your plastic. With so many games and chances to win it can feel a little bit overwhelming. Free plays give you a great chance to see if you like the game and understand it before risking any loss, unlike the real-life casinos.


With some of the biggest names in the gaming industry now behind many casinos, the graphics and soundtrack are cutting-edge and thrilling. Slot games are no longer archaic 80’s styled. One can play fantasy games, enduring epic adventures as well as gamble. Progressive slot games also mean that the jackpot is potentially endless. Every time a spin is made a small percentage is taken from every player, this is constantly accumulating until someone hits it big. There has never been an easier time to potentially become a millionaire overnight.

Swot up

Reputable online casinos also offer tips and guides on how to play. There’s no chance of you feeling like a fool at the table for not knowing the rules. You can take your time to understand how to play and make well-calculated decisions. If slots are more your thing, you can find the very best online slot machines sites to play.


It’s a common myth that land based casinos are safer. Walking around with wads of cash is never a good idea, and you can never be sure who has their eye on you. Especially when many casinos are happy to ply you with alcohol. Online casinos are safer in this respect, reputable market leaders won’t risk their excellent reputation to scam you out of cash either. Make sure you check the credentials of any online casino that you choose to play at. Do your homework before and read reviews.

You can read a million guides online but the only way to really know is to have a go yourself!

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