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posted by Chris Valentine

Professionals understand this term as the final stage of the sound track formation, which is performed before mastering. Much depends on the quality of this work. Due to good mixing, you can get an interesting and very attractive hit for listeners from the most ordinary track. If the work was done poorly, then all writing work will be nullified. That is why it is better to immediately contact our studio, where qualified specialists work. They are able to cope with the task quickly and as efficiently as possible. For more info go to page

The processing process can be divided into several stages:

Normalization is necessary to stabilize the volume of the file. This is a process that involves processing sound. It is carried out using modern computer programs.

Compression allows you to distinguish between professional and amateur recordings. Processing dynamics takes a lot of time, however, the specialists working in our studio spare no effort to ensure that the result will definitely please the client with high quality. The biggest challenge is that if the work is done correctly, it will be felt in the recording, despite the subtlety of the effect. It is more difficult to hear him than, for example, a flanger. The compressor is not able to function all the time, so the listener most of the time picks up the sound created without using it. Not all compressors work identically. Our experts diligently select high-quality equipment, suitable in order to neutralize tact flaws. Professional sound technicians are able to perform the regulation in such a way that


This term refers to the frequency variation of an existing sound file. This is a very crucial stage that influences the final result of the work carried out by the specialists in our studio.

Noise filtering.

 It is simply necessary if the recording was carried out at home using a dynamic type microphone connected directly to the sound card. Because of this approach to business, very often additional noise is found in the recording, which degrades the sound quality. Of course, you can prudently close the windows, exclude the possibility of extraneous sounds. However, some of the noise is difficult to get rid of this way. You have to turn to professionals to perform filtration.


At this stage, vocals are split between the left and right channels. To carry out the work, specialized computer programs are used.

For information, a large amount of equipment is used, which has a rather serious specificity. You can listen to examples of work on recording and mixing songs in the  SevenSkiesMusic site


Mixing is a rather complex process that leads to further processing of the composition. As a rule, each track, which is included in a piece, is additionally processed by software or hardware instruments. This makes it possible to achieve a harmonious sound of all sounds. At the output, you get a balanced sound of all instruments and vocals.

It is the mixing that makes it possible to rid the sound of any unnecessary sounds – it can be a hindrance, some kind of noise. Mixing should be performed exclusively by a professional, since sound is a rather subtle thing, and it is very easy to spoil it by wrong actions. To understand the importance of such a procedure, it is best to listen and compare the sound of a piece of music before and after such actions. As a rule, an unmixed track is a kind of porridge of a large number of sounds – in such a melody you can hardly hear the vocal part, and the instruments overlap each other, making it impossible to enjoy the full-fledged melody.

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