Take 10 Minutes to Get Started with Youth Football Helmet

posted by Chris Valentine

If you aspire to climb higher in success as a football player, the helmet is one of the most crucial protective gears you must have. With the helmet on your head, you can play well as you know that your most important body part is safe.

Besides, the face mask comes with the helmet is also essential to protect your eyes from possible injuries on the field. But you have to spend more time to figure out which helmet is the best and suits you perfectly. There are many other things to look for including its weight, padding, the hardness of the outer shell, and much more. Recently I have visited a site while searching for the best helmet, and I found very useful because they have discussed everything related to the football helmet meticulously.

NFL (American Football League) and CFL (Canadian Football League) demand your protective equipment most as there are collisions, impacts, shots happening always. Moreover, the contact between players is sometimes, so severe that you may hurt yourself badly if you start playing without wearing the perfect football gears. This gear not only protects your head from injuries but also saves your eyes from having a visor.

It is needed regardless of your position on the field

It does not matter what your location is in the field. Every player should have a protective helmet to protect their heads from head-to-head collisions. But what types of football helmet you need determine your position in the field.

So, make sure you have selected the helmet that can meet your need. Visors your helmet has worked as the most protective elements of the helmet. As a result, your eyes remain safe while playing on the field because there are severe impacts and blows.

Types of Football Helmet you need

Depending on its users, there are two types of football helmet available on the market- youth and adult. Both have a different purpose on the field.

To construct a youth football helmet, usually ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic is used. It offers a high-level of durability as well as is capable of absorbing the hits and tackles of impact from other youth players.

Manufacturers adult football helmet use a heavy-duty material, polycarbonate. If you play with adults or more experienced players, you should go for the adult one which can offer you the best protection of your head.

Lightweight vs. heavier one

You need to keep pace with other players on the field while playing. So, your helmet should be lightweight and protective at the same time. Heavier helmet may hinder your performance and can make you overloaded.

Considering your experience and position on the field, you may need an adult helmet that is heavier than a youth one. If you have more impacts and collisions due to your location on the field, you need a more massive helmet for your needed protection.

Inner padding of both adult and youth helmet

Proper padding in your helmet contributes to distributing the severity of the impacts you are likely to receive on the field. This does not mean that the padding on the bottom of the helmet should be thicker. Excess adding of padding under your helmet can make it more substantial and put you back from your speed.

Unnecessary inner padding can make it more substantial as well. All you need to consider mostly in case of padding is that it can distribute the force received throughout the gear.

Ease of movement

Mobility is one of the critical factors that can make you different from other players in the field. Besides, football is a speedy game too where your speed is also required. A heavy helmet will not allow you to perform well on the field.

Your helmet should be a good fit on your head. If it is bigger or smaller than the shape of your head, you will not feel comfortable while playing. Sometimes, a more massive helmet can cause extreme pressure and impact that is caused with the helmet itself. So, a lightweight helmet should be the best option for youths as well as adults.

Proper air liner

Every football helmet should have the feature in it. The air liner helps to improve and customize its fit. Due to the adequate air liner, your helmet becomes safe, secure, and snug one.

It wraps around your head to make it more comfortable. Also, it helps to lift the helmet from your head after the game.

Keep your helmet clean after every game

After every game, you need to clean all your protective gears, including your helmet. They are as vital to you as they contribute to your best performance on the field. You don’t need to submerge your helmet entirely in water.

Some paper towels, water, and the cleaner will do the work for you to clean your helmet. And, it should be ready for the next game you are going to play.

Final thought

To prevent concussions on the field, players should wear a helmet, one of the most crucial football gears to protect their heads. You already know that head injury meaning brain injury is the most severe and long-suffering injury for a football player.

Without thinking just for investment, you should think of your protection as a player. It can add extra confidence of a player and helps perform better feeling that he is safe on the field. Otherwise, any unwanted injury can occur that may cost you a lot.

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