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How To Get Closer To Your Teen

posted by Chris Valentine

 Being a teen parent is really hard. But, dear parent, it is worth recalling that to be a teen isn`t so easy! When teen years start, kids usually want to open yourself up to parents and listen to tenderness the least of all.

Till a couple years ago you ran home from your work to feed your kid, play with your kid, check your kid’s homework and get your kid to sleep. And now you don’t need to do such things because your son/daughter can cook or warm up food without your help, moreover, he/she eats what he/she wants and when he/she wants to eat. You see that your teen spends most of the night on the Internet and also goes to sleep without your help. Your kid doesn’t need your caring like before and he/she really annoys your gentleness.

So… does that mean it’s time to step back and not to disturb? Of course, no, don’t be ridiculous! The psychologists consider that you need to find new ways of interacting and influencing as deep down your kid still needs to know you love him/her.

If you often ask yourself what to do with my teenage daughter or son, if you can`t show concern in a correct manner or if you don’t know how to deal with teenage angst, here you’ll find a few simple steps to get closer to your teenager and improve parent-teen relationships.

Let Your Kid Pull Away

How hard to understand and accept it! And most certainly harder to do it! But if you give your teen some credit and let him/her go, be sure he/she comes back when he/she needs to return! Just wait a little and show your kid that you realize why he/she needs to keep this distance!

Respect Personal Space of Your Kid

As a teenager, your kid has affairs, secrets and hobbies that he/she doesn’t want to share and discuss with you. And that’s okay! Diaries, social media pages and desk drawers – all that is your kid’s personal space. The faster you understand that, the better! Respect these private things and never check his/her chats or messages. If your kid catches you doing that just once, it will be very very difficult to earn back his/her trust.

Share Affection with Your Kid in New Ways

How do you show love and affection to your kid in teen years? Do you really think that strong hugs and kisses in front of your kid’s friends help you stay close to your teenager? No, no, no! Don`t do that! Most experts suggest that parents have to find affection alternatives and modify the ways they show affection to their kids during this special period. For example, you may blow your teen a bedtime kiss through the open door or pat him/her on the back when you give your kid lunch money in the morning. You may playfully insinuate a smooch every time you hand the car keys and the like. The main thing is creating an affectionate gesture habit that won`t be obsessive and excessively sentimental.

Learn to Listen to Your Kid

Don`t forget that like all humans, teens want to be listened to carefully and with respect. You should be always to be an available person for your kid to talk to. Of course, that’s doesn’t mean you should accept and agree with everything, but let your kid talk openly and don’t interrupt he/she, give your kid a chance to tell all the ideas and thought out loud. Thus, you`ll be able to gain your teen`s trust and you`ll always be aware of what`s going on in your kid’s life.

Teen years is the right moment to start building on a bit different, grown-up relationships. And just remember, your teenage daughter or son as a little kid still needs to feel your care and concern. Don`t forget to cheer always your teen up (see cute mother daughter quotes on Sweetytextmessages) 


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