Driving Ethics: How to impress Your Uber Clients

posted by Chris Valentine

When you’re an Uber driver you know the importance of making your clients happy. Happy customers mean a 5-star rating which is very important for your driving career at Uber and similarly it is quite troublesome to have an average rating below than 4.6 because that can get you fired.

Think How to impress Your Uber Clients ... otherwise, you will be no different than the average cabbie

This calls for impressing your clients in every way you can so that they leave you a 5-star rating on your profile. If you’re an Uber driving and looking for ways to impress your Uber clients, this is how you can do it:

Reach Your Pickup On Time

Uber customers love it when they get a quick response from drivers and they love it even more when the driver reaches the pickup location as quickly as possible.

Drivers need to avoid being lazy because you never know what urgency the customer might have; someone might be getting late for office or someone might have to reach the airport. Being slow or reaching late can cost damages to your customer.

Being on time will ensure that your clients are happy, so make sure to be quick to respond and always pick routes that are short and simple.

Avoid Being Rude

It may be possible that you’re driving for many hours and are exhausted but that doesn’t mean that you lash out at your clients for being late, noisy or troublesome.

Keeping your cool is one way to reflect a professional character and impress your clients. Be polite to your customers and even talk to them if you feel like because socializing will definitely impress them and they might leave a 5-star rating on your profile. However, remember ethics and avoid personal questions.

Keep Your Car Clean Before Every Ride

In your Uber driving career, you’ll come across many customers, and some of them may cause your car to get messy. They might spill coffee or a drink and leave behind stains on the car seat.

When you come across such a customer then it is essential that you drop them at their location and clean up your car before picking up the next ride. Discard all the rubbish, clean the windows and remove stains from the car seat.

Keep a small broom, a piece of cloth and glass cleaner spray in your car at all times so that you won’t have to stop at shops to buy these things.

Drive And Act Professional

No matter what kind of job you are associated with, being professional is what’s necessary. Treat your Uber position like you are running your own business, and you will quickly see how taking every aspect of your performance seriously is vitally important to your success.

When you’re an Uber driver, you will come across different customers, and sadly not all of them are going to be nice or friendly. However, no matter how your customer is, you must remember to be professional and respect your clients.

Other than this, drive nicely. Avoid rash driving or driving that is risky. Uber has policies regarding this, so make sure to follow them. Your driving skills play a vital role in keeping customers happy. So, make sure to provide your customers with a smooth ride.

Being professional also includes following all the protocols that you are given by the company and make sure that you don’t break the rules for yourself or for the customer at any point.


Happy customers mean your ratings would be good, which would keep you in the good books of the rideshare app (Uber). These simple yet effective tips will definitely help you achieve your goals.

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