5 Facts About Forex Everyone Wants to Know

posted by Chris Valentine

Too many people today find Forex rather boring. All those numbers and graphs demand 100% concentration and unstoppable analysis of data. This includes a lot of things, starting from political and economic situation around the globe and up to collecting results of all recent gains and losses.

Another disappointing factor for all beginners is that this system seems to be a kind of a lottery where chances to win are 50/50.

However, professional traders would laugh in your face hearing that. They find this whole thing extremely exciting. Maybe, there is something they know about Forex that can change our mind about it? Here are 5 facts that can ruin these myths:

1. More trades do not mean more gains

Professional traders are never in a hurry. They take their time watching everything around and studying the data. It is not as boring as it might seem. They always keep up with the latest news and tendencies, expanding their perspective, and use metatrader 5, the latest trading tool to help them gain the upper hand.

They know the true price of money. This is why each deal is actually a thoroughly prepared operation. After getting all set, they easily catch a ‘big fish’.

2. 95% traders lose everything within 6 months

To become a part of Forex system, one should realize that every new minute is a new opportunity. However, that does not mean that they should trade non-stop. It is the shortest way to fail or even go broke. At least six months past before they realize it.

Forex loves those traders, who can learn all inner signals and use them right. Simple strategies and the habit of being attentive work best here.

3. A country with the biggest Forex market

Most people think that the USA is the place on Earth that we can call a real Forex center and that will be completely wrong. Despite its small size, the UK took the throne becoming a real home for traders of all ranks.

Thanks to this country, today about $5.3 trillion are traded on Forex markets every single day. This money is enough to build a colony on Mars and settle there.

4. Who controls European exchange market?

Have you ever thought on this? Let us leave all conspiracy theories behind and refer to facts. None of us holds all money at home. We look for trustworthy banks to let them hold our funds. No matter what account type we start – we cannot see what is going on with our cash within this system.

Most banks use these funds to make their own investments. They hire traders in order to increase assets. It turns out that 70% of daily trades at Forex are completed by banks.

No matter what they say, Forex is and will always be the most liquid market among all. And without a doubt, it is the one that gives a chance of getting rich to everyone, despite their age, gender or education.

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