Bitcoin Revolution as an Automatic Trading Tool Review and Guide

posted by Chris Valentine

The Bitcoin revolution is an important automatic trading tool to make money with authentic and well reputed resources. Bitcoin is a currency, entirely different from paper currencies. It is not issued by any government or bank. There is no physical existence of this currency. It was an idea of some software engineers, aiming to introduce a system as a mode of payment, free from state bindings. The  person who buys bitcoins is given a software called “Blockchain” to install on his computer or mobile phone. Transactions are made from computer to computer or mobile phone. Bitcoin revolution is a computer file stored in the account holder’s computer. It is called the “blockchain”. As crypto means something hidden or secret. Why is it thought of as a hidden currency? The reason that its transactions are not recorded by any country, central bank, or financial agency. It is out of the domain of a  country.

Initially, the purpose to introduce this currency was to have a mode of payment covered not by regulations of any bank or state. But soon it was considered a business opportunity in the shape of capital investment. There are arguments presented by a capital investment group of businessmen in its favor and some go against it, regarding its status as a mode of payment and also as a business opportunity. According to the people who favor Bitcoin as the fastest mode of payment. Money can be sent from computer to computer with just a click on the computer at any time. The account holder is not bound to bank timing or holidays. It is free from any type of service charge. Invest in Bitcoin because its compatible and quick result generation plans as compared with other trading tools. No personal information or identity required for a transaction. As regards the disadvantages of bitcoin, It is not accepted everywhere, only some merchants or people are aware of it. If a computer problem arises, like a virus that can corrupt data, due to that, an account can be lost. After the payment to merchants, it cannot be refunded, whether goods are appropriate or not. The value of Bitcoin is not approved by the central bank, so it is not trusted.

As regards investment in bitcoin. Many people have earned much in bitcoin investment. There is a  strong  ground against it. In the business other than bitcoin, a businessman can use his influence, know-how, and skill to get the best result, because he has some control over it, while the case is different in bitcoin investment.  Once he invested his money, he was helpless to influence the business. What is done is done. There is no chance to change the situation. He is helpless to how business is going. His expertise is useless. There are many other reasons to avoid this investment. According to Bitcoin’s global CEO “Barry Silbert”, cryptocurrency is a currency of the highest risk and highest return. You can earn a very high profit or suffer from very high loss within a small time limit. It is a well-established fact if any investment fluctuates daily 30% up or 30% low. It is a risky investment. In bitcoin, this type of fluctuation is very common.

Price fluctuation in bitcoin is very rapid. It is “N” shape fluctuation on the graff.   According to the experts, business, where fluctuations are so rapid, is not a business. It is gambling. To  Warren Buffet, an American investor “the idea that has huge intrinsic value is just a joke”. According to him people are not buying into the value of a substance, but are buying into the value of hype. Until you cannot influence your business, there is a risk.  Charlie Munger CEO of an investment company Berkshire once remarked “avoid bitcoin like the plague”. According to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala an Indian investor “Why are investors crazy for bitcoins? What is the base behind its growth and slump? Is it a virtual scam in a bull face to fizzle out soon?”

Very rapid fluctuation in bitcoin investment yields two results, first is that you will go on the top in a very short time, second is that you will go down, down on the rock bottom, creating so verse circumstances, to avoid you keep yourself away from this business. Bitcoin was started as the medium of exchange, but it became an investment opportunity.  Benjamin  Graham. The richest investor in the world, who is known as the father of value investors predicted a long time ago that bitcoin will prove a fraud for investors because there is no long term value of it. if you have extra surplus money to whom you are not depending on your business, then you can invest in bitcoin, otherwise no need to invest in bitcoin.


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