How to Write an Essay Quickly Without a Loss in Quality

posted by Chris Valentine

There are more essay writing assignments in your university than you can count. Professors give students loads of homework and arrange the writing tests all of a sudden. If you can’t accustom to this furious pace, you will feel much better when learning how to write an essay fast.

Such a problem is usually inherent to freshmen who used to stretch the writing process for a few days and sit at it only when the inspiration comes. They write the essay from the very beginning to the very end without outlining or systemizing the information. Let’s imagine: you have just decided to build a house. You have a partial idea of the project, but there are no blueprints, no materials and no staff who will help you with the work. Will you start to carry out this plan or prepare at first? This is exactly how this approach looks like while writing essays.

Is It Quick?

You save hours when spending 10 or 20 minutes on composing a rough copy of the paper. A draft or detailed plan consists of 80% of your ideas. Another 20% are explanations and the further topic elaboration. That is why your creative process moves like a railroad train: there are no obstacles on the way to the conclusion.

Brainstorming and Planning

Understand the topic was given or which you chose by yourself. Note all the thoughts that come to your mind, no matter how good they are. Draw the illustrative structure of your paper. Also, you can go through similar examples from the databases of pre-written essays and glean some ideas from there. After compiling a formidable list of notes, move on to its systematization.

Outline your essay using all the memos you left on the paper. A good draft will save lots of time in the future. How to write a plan? Here are a few tips for you:

  • Adhere to the traditional essay structure “Introduction – Main Body – Conclusion”;
  • Devise a hook for the introduction and paper statement;
  • Streamline your list of ideas: reject those are not worthy and place the remaining arguments in the descending order according to their importance;

You can use another great method for writing. You leave the title, introduction and conclusion all behind and compose the rest of the essay. The ending and the beginning are the hardest parts for every piece. So, it would be much easier to write them reposing on the arguments you have covered in the main body of the assignment.

Use the Sample Paper as a Source of Information

One more useful piece of advice is that you can order a sample essay from a writing service and they will complete the project tailored to your requirements as fast as they can. The piece of work on your topic will help you write an essay quickly because there is no necessity for such a thorough research. Even the outline is not required; you can simply follow the structure, use some ideas as well as refer to sources mentioned in the sample paper.

How to Write an Essay on the Spot

Often students are assigned to craft an essay on the spot. In most cases, it happens during an exam. Sure, this task is tougher because an emotional factor is included, but still, there is nothing impossible if you have made some important efforts and got ready for it. Keep yourself calm, and just tell yourself that the exam is not the “end of the world”. To be calm you a bit, keep in mind that the assessment of the on-the-spot essay is usually more loyal than the one you craft at home.

Even within the constraints of limited time, there is a chance to impress your professor as well as mates and get the desired grade. And the last piece of advice: the more you practice writing, the faster you are able to cope with such stuff.

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