How to Successfully Launch a Product

posted by Chris Valentine

Launching a new product today is in some ways more complicated, with the many distribution and marketing channels needing attention, and in other ways simpler because of the many resources available to assist in getting your product powerfully to the market. What remains consistent though is the need for a strategy to launch your product and an understanding of the fundamentals required for success. Here they are for your inspection.

Create a plan

The first step toward having a successful product launch is defining what success means. This starts with creating a plan that has specific goals you want to achieve. The goals should be realistic and spell out how you will attain them. They should take into account your company’s resources and how you can feasibly enter the marketplace. You should create both a marketing and a sales plan and monitor each to assure that they are constantly in line with the marketplace. Finally, you need to have your team aligned with this plan to make sure everyone is moving toward the same goals.

Maximize your resources

Budgets for new products should be allocated based on what you need to spend to get your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) created and marketed. Anything over these amounts should be scrutinized very carefully. Similarly, you need to engage outsource companies to allow you to cut down on costs and get up to speed quickly. As an example, using a product fulfillment company like Whiplash that provides modern, fulfillment services and can store and ship your product on demand, can save you time and money, and avoid lots of headaches. Using them is a smart decision to help you avoid supply chain issues common with a new product launch. Similarly, you need to examine every element of your products manufacturing and advertising to locate companies that you can help you improve your efficiency

Know your market

Ever product launch starts with your coming up with a great product. One that has unique and compelling features and an ability to deliver benefits to its intended marketplace. This is a great starting point, but it does not paint the complete picture of where you need to be when you are ready to launch your product. Being excited about a great idea is fantastic but it often leads to rushing the idea into the marketplace as quickly as possible could be spell disaster if you don’t know the market well enough.

A product must fit precisely into the wants and needs of its target market. In other words, your target market needs to be as excited as you are about your product. If not, then getting your market to respond positively to it will be too great a challenge. Understanding your customers will cause you to make important adjustments, add or remove features, and help you to determine how you market your product. This key information is vital in designing your product and deploying resources.

Follow this outline and you will be well on your way to launching a successful product.

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