Gizmo Guidance – Five Pointless Products You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

posted by Chris Valentine

The to-and-fro of daily life can become wearisome for those not well-versed in the art of self-entertainment. An eight-hour workday can seem like an eternity when you’re staring down the barrel of a fully loaded week from the dreary platform of a Monday morning, however there are ways to counter this employment-derived emptiness, such as going for long walks, finding a hobby to pursue, and buying cool gadgets on the internet such as the items that we have put together below, check this out

Microwaveable Slippers

A frontrunner for mother’s and father’s day presents in general, slippers are often overlooked for the true extent of their usefulness. The bitter cold of the approaching winter can only be appeased through a sacrifice of heat, usually, however now we have slippers that can be placed in the microwave for added heating properties. Simply microwaving these slipper is enough to keep your feet toasty and warm for the frosty morning shuffle from the kitchen back to the bedroom, newspaper under arm, cup of coffee in one hand, and a plate of hot breakfast in the other.

Desktop Shopping Trolley

A shopping trolley is the everlasting symbol of frustration to many people, as they represent a huge store full of delicious and enticing food items, necessary household items, and home maintenance solutions, all of which are blocked in their usefulness by a stuck wheel that seems to inexplicably be present on all trolleys in all supermarkets in the world. Their instant recognisability is second only to their usefulness in carting around all of your purchases from the aforementioned supermarket, and to find them in miniature form to hold your stationery and office supplies is nothing short of a modern day miracle.

Solar Powered Waving Queen

The Queen of England is one of the longest-standing rulers in history, and has been a beloved symbol of Britain since 1952, and has shown over her many decades of ruling that she knows how to please her citizens. Her iconic wave, which is said to resemble “screwing in a lightbulb” is a well-known behaviour of hers, and now you can have that very action replicated on a small, solar powered statuette of Elizabeth II herself.

Nodding Pug

This nodding pug is one of several Pointless Products You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

Bobbleheads are wonderful ornaments. Their lazy, slow head bobbing motions are what delight their collectors, and many famous people and pop culture icons have been made into bobbleheads for their fans to collect. Recently, a surge of standard animal bobbleheads have come to the market, so your favourite dog and cat breeds can be collected in bobblehead form for your amusement. Pugs being the sly, cheeky, adorable devils that they are have amassed a huge internet following, and now is your chance to own a bobblehead statue of a pug. Place it on your dashboard and watch it nod solemnly to your music as you drive, or attach it to your desk at home for that added spark of humor in your day to day life.

Defuse A Bomb Alarm Clock

Having trouble waking up in the morning?

Maybe the threat of a late pass at school or an angry boss is less intimidating than it used to be, and your super-comfortable bed is calling more sweetly than ever before. Adding a dose of danger to that is the perfect recipe for a more alert and awake you, and to help that come to fruition is the Bomb alarm clock!

Looking like a bomb from a movie, the countdown timer stops when a large red button is pressed, and one of three wires coming out of the top diffuses the bomb, but the other two do nothing to stop the detonation. Throw in a randomly decided wire and you’ve got yourself an exhilarating morning-starter.

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