5 Engagement Ring Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are getting ready to pop the big question, the last thing you need is to fall victim to the classic engagement ring shopping mistakes.

We know that this moment is meant to be unforgettable, but can often leave you with a headache, so to take away some of that stress and help you buy the perfect ring, we have laid out a guide to help avoid some of the worst and most common mistakes when it comes to buying an engagement ring.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into what not to do.

1. Don’t Shop Without a Budget

This may appear to be the most straightforward bit of advice in this article, but you would be surprised by how many people fall victim to it.

Having only a vague idea or, worse yet, no idea what it is you are looking to spend will work against you. Jewelers have a large variety to fit most price ranges so one of the most important questions you will get asked is “What is your budget?”.

If you don’t have an answer to this question, it will go one of two ways. The jeweler will not take you seriously and provide you with little assistance or some of the lowest quality rings, or you will be presented with a variety of rings way above what you wanted to pay and end up spending far too much.

2. Don’t Fall For 4C’s Hustling

You may have heard of the 4C’s if you spent some time looking into what makes a good engagement ring or how to value a diamond.

The reality is that while color, clarity, carat, and cut are important elements of purchasing a diamond, you are purchasing an engagement ring and certain blemishes can be effectively hidden or utilized in the engagement ring designs. There is no reason to pay a greater amount when this happens and you could save yourself thousands by comparing ring prices with this in mind.

3. Don’t Do It Alone

One of the worst mistakes you could make is to try to do it all by yourself. Whether you ask a mother, sibling, or trusted friend who has also been ring shopping, you could use the guidance.

There is a lot to understand and learn from ring sizes to cleaning, to warranties and a helping hand can make it a much smoother experience.

4. Not Doing Your Research

Good news on this front, you already started with this article.

Take some time to look into different ring sizes, shapes, and styles of rings and try to take a sneaky look in your partner’s jewelry box to see what they might like most. Aside from the online search and a sneaky peek in the jewelry box, consider expanding your research to the family of your partner in order to get insight from them.

5. Forgetting About a Warranty

We mentioned this briefly above but its value cannot be overstated.

You are about to make one of the biggest purchases of your life and you wouldn’t buy a house without getting home insurance (we hope), so why would you not be as careful here.

Getting a warranty not only gives you peace of mind in case the ring suffers damage, but it also ensures that the quality is backed up by the seller.

One such company which offers the highest quality jewelry and peace of mind is This is one engagement ring provider that makes buying rings online incredibly easy and gives you service above expectations every step of the way.

Say Goodbye To Engagement Ring Shopping Mistakes

With the advice above, you should be able to find and purchase the perfect ring and avoid the engagement ring shopping mistakes most other people make. And if you get stuck, why not come back and check this article again.

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