6 Tools to Take Your Coffee Brewing to the Next Level

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s not enough to drink coffee on a daily basis to call yourself a coffee lover. A true coffee enthusiast not only brews their own coffee, but has specific tools to help make that cup of coffee absolutely perfect.

So, if you’re looking to take your coffee brewing to the next level, here are 6 tools you need:

1. Coffee Grinder

If you haven’t added the act of coffee grinding already to your coffee-making process, then you’re definitely missing out. The difference you get when using tools to improve your coffee is not only in taste but also in quality that will blow your mind away. While grinding might take time, effort or cost a little extra, it turns your cup of coffee into something else completely. Breaking down the roasted coffee beans allows more oils and flavors to be extracted, making your coffee taste stronger, richer and filled with flavor.

2. Coffee Storage

The heavenly roasted coffee beans start to lose their aroma as well as flavor when exposed to air. That’s why it is essential to store your coffee beans correctly once the package is opened. To do this you should always have a coffee storage system that is airtight and opaque. When choosing a storage container, consider ones that are made of glass, ceramic or any non-reactive metal to ensure that your coffee beans are not exposed to humidity or air thereby losing their freshness. It is also essential to keep the beans in a cool and dry place instead of exposing them to moisture by placing them in the fridge or freezer.

3. Kitchen Scale

In order to get the right dosage of ground coffee for the perfect cup of coffee, you need to have a kitchen scale to get the accuracy just right. Because brewing coffee depends highly on the accuracy of the bean weight, a scale will help you get one step closer towards getting it spot on. Due to the varying sizes of the beans, it is best to depend on an actual weight instead of a teaspoon, or bean count. However, when thinking of a kitchen scale, consider a digital one to help you get those small amounts without having to guess.

4. Bamboo Stir Sticks

You can easily identify an amateur coffee drinker from a real one, not only by the way they drink their coffee, but also by how they stir it. Anyone who knows better will use a bamboo stick to stir the ground as they know that a metal spoon not only does a horrible job but can also completely ruin your coffee. The metallic material from the spoon steals heat from the hot liquid dropping its temperature. Also, bamboo sticks are easy to carry, store and can be used multiple times.

5. French Press

The type of coffee you drink will affect the type of coffee maker you need, but in general a French press is not only one of the easiest ways to make your coffee, but it also produces a heavenly form of liquid that will be perfect for helping you wake up in the morning, as well as fill your home with an aroma that is to die for. The reason a French press is so much better than paper filters in drip machines is that it doesn’t soak up the flavor of the beans and adds small pieces of coffee grounds to the liquid being brewed that elevate the flavor to a whole other level. This not only makes your coffee taste better, but enhances its quality and makes it stronger, too.

6. Stove-top Espresso Maker

There’s a reason why Italians are known for their amazing coffee and it’s because in most cases, they use a stove-top espresso maker. While it is annoying to clean and does take a bit of time to make, using steam pressure to force water up through the coffee grounds infuses the flavor and makes coffee taste a whole lot better. The best thing about it is its small, lightweight and easy to carry with you anywhere you go to make sure that you get a good cup of coffee anywhere.

When it comes to coffee, you shouldn’t take any risks that will affect its quality and flavor. To ensure that your brew is not only up to your standards, but also a cup filled with a warmth that will put a smile on your face and give you the energy to start your day, you need to make sure that you have the above tools instead of settling for a cup of coffee you don’t like.

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