An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide on Vape Devices

posted by Chris Valentine

The truth is, most smokers are really looking to quit smoking, but it is a matter of discipline and will. As it is the case with most present-day smokers, they lack both, and that has them unable to pull through. Still, they dream of the day when they can finally throw away that lousy pack of cigarettes and look back no more. For many, the dream was persistent and that had them turn to vape devices. Basically a form of e-cigarette that has you inhale and then exhale the vapor it produces. For some time now, controversy has surrounded the safety of using this device.

Here is all that you need to know about the ins and outs involving this gift from heaven, otherwise known as a vape.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

The short version of this answer is, yes. Vaping is indeed safer than smoking, but being safe does not make it safe altogether. A more accurate description relating to the hazards of vape would be that it is less harmful, since your regular tobacco may contain as many as 7,000 toxic chemicals, and e-cigarettes do not contain anywhere near that much. In order to have yourself exposed to fewer chemicals, as opposed to the 7,000 different ones in tobacco, it is advised that you do not use black market e-liquids and do not modify your electronic vape. However, you must be aware that vaping does not acquit you of the hazards which may affect your health.

What to consider when looking to get a vape

Finding the right type of vape may be a tricky endeavor, for beginners especially. Essentially, what you want to do is look for a stellar coil that provides you with stellar resistance. This may start getting tricky when you have to consider everything else. They may include nicotine strength, but may also extend to specifics which are not limited to the mechanics of the actual device. The vape enthusiasts at OZ Vapor explain the importance of thinking about the flavor of vape juices that will keep you satisfied here and now, as it is integral to the process of vaping. They also advise you to keep yourself updated with vape laws in your state.

Types of Vapes

There are different types of vapes in different shapes and sizes.


The Cig-A-Like is the first type of vape to hit the market. They share a deep resemblance with normal cigarettes, in both shape and size is very similar. They only differ in how they taste, as Cig-A-Like include a flavor cartridge. In order to activate this little thing, you need to start inhaling. This type of vape can only take up to 24mg of nicotine, which should be enough for the average smoker when looking to make the transition. Though, you must know that a Cig-A-Like will be ideal for those that are looking to quit smoking, seeing as how portable it is and resembles cigarettes. However, their batteries may die quicker than you would like and see how they have a low e-juice capacity, they produce little vapor that may not satisfy some users.

Box Mod

A Box Mod is, unlike its predecessor, larger and does not resemble a cigarette at all. They have external batteries and may offer you the feature to check the temperature among other things in the device’s settings. This device may prove to be trickier than others when getting things started, though they do give you more control over your experience.

Vape Pens

Easy to use and extremely portable, vape pens come in very small sizes and comes with quite a few good features, all of which allow you to control your vape pen and the entire experience. Additionally, they can take up to 12mg of nicotine, which is again good for the average smoker. However, they are known to suffer from battery issues and may leak some e-juice, which can be terribly inconvenient for this device’s user.

Pod Mod

Regarded as an updated version of the first generation, Cig-A-Like, Pod Mod is a vape that is very sleek in design and is very likeable by many former smokers. It uses a liquid known as a nicotine salt that brings their users a higher concentration of nicotine. They are incredibly easy to use and are magnificently portable. However, they do not have a long battery life, which could be tiresome for regular users.

When you are looking to get a vape you must first do your homework and understand the specifics of each type the market has to offer. Though, do not get a vape thinking that it comes without any health hazards, as the sad truth is that they do. However, a transition from smoking to e-smoking will be kinder to your health. Remember, the flavor makes up for a great part of the experience, so maybe try out a few first.

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