Crucial Tactical Gadgets You Need To Plan Out The Perfect Camping/Hiking Weekend   

posted by Chris Valentine

There is something mystifying about planning out a weekend hiking that uplifts the entire physical and mental spirit. The thought of escaping the digitalized civilization to test out your natural survival instinct (if there is one) is compellingly enthralling and enthusiastic. However, it would probably not be the smartest move if you were to simply grab your normal backpack and head out to the opposite spectrum of our civilization. 

Planning out a successful hiking/ camping trip requires executing an endless list of pre-planned ventures, which includes purchasing some specific tactical gadgets as well. After all, one cannot be too sure, especially if you’re planning to spend some considerable time alone in the wilderness. In addition to your natural survival instincts, you also have to pack enough practical tactical gadgets in your backpack if you want to steer clear of getting into some unprecedented incidents that might even possibly compromise your life as well.

Tactical gadgets are easy to procure, thanks to the convenience of some specific online shopping sites that offer an awesome deal for you daily, making sure you save some much-needed extra cash. These are some of the most vital portable tactical gadgets that should be definitely be included in your hiking backpack. 

  1. Tactical Laser Light Pointer 

Why do you need a laser pointer in your survival backpack, you ask? Well, a laser pointer provides some compelling and practical benefits that make it one of the most essential survival tools. And, in case, you’re confusing such tactical pointers with the traditional laser unit, these specialized laser units are designed specifically to withstand the highest magnitude of impacts, and also produce a concentrated light wave that can come in handy for a plethora of survival situations. 

As opposed to the traditional LED flashlights, whose effective beam length is rather limited, laser pointers do not pose the same problem. As such, they can be used effectively as a distress signaling tool in case your hiking trip does not go quite as planned.

  1. AquaPure water filter straw

If you want your hiking venture to go as planned, you must first ensure you’re keeping yourself hydrated. After all, water is an essential part of your entire weekend hiking trip, since the ultimate goal is to “survive.” However, carrying a bulk packaged drinking water is not the most convenient or the smartest decision. This, in turn, poses a great deal of concern since you cannot go around drinking water from random sources without inspecting its genuine quality.

This is where the innovation of water filter straw gadgets comes into play. These straws are designed with an inbuilt filter that automatically filters out almost 99.99% of the germs and bacteria present in raw water, allowing you to drink water readily from any source.  

  1. Bear Grylls Fire Starter 

Unless you’re hell-bent on trying to resort to the authentic stone-age survival experience, you’re probably going to need a reliable gadget that can allow you to start a fire whenever you need it. Out in the wilderness, the power of a single spark can change the entire complexity of any dangerous situation. Of course, you can just resort to carrying the traditional simple match stick, but that again comes with its fair of limitations, most notably its ineffectiveness in wet conditions. This fire starter gadget, on the other hand, works consistently in any type of conditions.

  1. Tactical Multitool Gadget

If you’re serious about packing for any type of serious and dangerous situation, a multitool kit should be one of the first gadgets you should slip inside your hiking backpack. They are conveniently compact and lightweight, which makes them an excellent tool to carry around without any physical strain. In addition to that, multitool gadgets, as their name suggests, can be utilized for a wide range of purposes. Whether you want to use it for opening a can of food or for protecting yourself from any type of risky situations, multitools are your ideal tactical gadget.

  1. Thermal survival blankets

In contrast to what most people think, the majority of unfortunate hiking incidents occur not due to wild animal attacks, but due to inadequate survival gadgets, particularly sleeping kits. Due to the immense fluctuations in weather conditions, you could end up with hypothermia or frostbite amongst the long list of possible health conditions. This is precisely why thermal blankets are absolutely vital for keeping your body warm under extremely cold temperatures.

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