Apple’s Ambitious Plans for the iPhone 8

posted by Chris Valentine

iPhone 8

Although the Apple iPhone 7 has only been out for a couple of months, the internet is slowly filling up with speculation about what we can expect from the next iPhone device.

2016 was a pretty momentous year for smartphone technology with the likes of Samsung’s exploding devices and the mobile gaming world delivering striking innovations with the likes of Pokémon Go and some lucrative online casino attractions.

Apple took it a little safer, with their iPhone SE providing a compact option, and the iPhone 7 creating headlines mostly through the fact that it dropped the long-standing headphone jack.

But seeing as 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, it’s expected that the tech firm will take it up a level with their next mobile. Already there’s speculation that the device will drop the ’s’ naming principle and give us a brand new iPhone 8, rather than a iPhone 7s upgrade.

This big upgrade will also be marked by the introduction of a curved, bezel-less surface that will be able to boost the screen-size and remove the home button, without compromising the device’s compact size and weight.

And in terms of the actual screen, it’s thought that high-end versions of the iPhone 8 will feature a flexible OLED, rather than an LCD screen that will offer life-like colours and hopefully drain less power – a big criticism of the iPhone 7.

Another interesting feature that could generate a few headlines is the speculation that the iPhone 8 will include iris and facial recognition. This biometric technology will provide added security which will be of comfort for users seeing as the device will be a top of the range device. And as Betway offer gamers the chance to win up to £13 million at the casino from the convenience of a phone, it means that security will once again be of utmost importance.

The Californian tech firm are also expected to make the surprising move to return to the iPhone 4s by using a glass-backed body, rather than the aluminium frame of the recent models. And interestingly the all-glass iPhone is also thought to be able to facilitate long-range wireless charging which would tie in with Apple’s quest to make our devices as minimal as possible.

So whether you’re using your iPhone 8 to watch movies with an extra amount of detail thanks to the OLED screen, or are just playing online casino games with extra security, it looks like’s Apple’s next mobile could be a real game-changer.

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