The 5 best sleeping technologies for 2019

posted by Chris Valentine

Sleep is an integral part of health and wellbeing, providing a platform for people to tackle the numerous challenges presented by everyday life.

However, many people struggle to get the optimum amount of sleep, with modern life containing a wide range of distractions that can get in the way of enjoying a restful night in bed.

As with many other aspects of life, technology has come to the rescue with a range of products available that can help people enjoy quality sleep.

Read on as we assess five of the best sleeping technologies for 2019.

Be cooler with an OOLER

Regulating temperature in the bedroom isn’t always easy, but it plays an important part in ensuring people get a good night’s sleep.

However, the OOLER system provides an excellent solution to this problem by controlling the temperature within the bed. It uses three main facets to deliver optimal sleep – the control unit, the hydronic pad and science.

The control unit is powered by either front-facing buttons or an app, making it really easy to optimise your sleep temperature.

The hydronic pad is the engine that powers the OOLER, with its network of tubes circulating water around the bed to help you heat up or cool down as required.

The top of the system features a hi-loft jacquard knit cover to balance comfort with thermal regulation capacity, with the fibres in this both antimicrobial and antibacterial.

OOLERs are also environmentally friendly, with research showing that they are up to 95% cheaper than firing up an air conditioning system.

A built-in ultra-violet light prevents build-up, while OOLER’s cleaning process works automatically to give users one the most efficient sleep systems money can buy.

Sleep easy with ReST Bed

The ReST Bed continuously caters to your body’s changing needs throughout the night, sensing your position and pressure and inflating the different body zones accordingly. If you find a position that works for you, the system can alternatively be preset to your preferences via the included tablet.

A quick survey of the top mattresses you can buy online shows that while many other products on the market provide targeted tactile support, the ReST bed is head and shoulders above the rest. The mattress has five zones, each corresponding to a different part of the body – head, shoulder, lumbar, hips and legs. Using an app, you can customize the level of support for any of these zones.

Embedded in the ReST mattress is a special fabric, which monitors your shape and pressure profile. This data is sent to an almost silent pump below the mattress which then automatically adjusts its firmness.

The mattress also records and analyses data that you can then review on the tablet, empowering you to be truly informed about your sleeping patterns.

The ReST Bed has three operating modes – manual, auto position and automatic.

Dreamlight helps you get dreamy

Sleep masks have come a long way since being first patented by Elsie M. and Edward C. Hemphill in August 1930.

Most sleep masks have traditionally been made from fabric to simply block out light, but the makers of Dreamlight have taken things to a whole new level.

The California-based firm has developed a smart sleep mask which uses light, sound and genetics to help people fall asleep faster and wake up with more energy.

Studies have shown that deep breathing creates a feeling of relaxation and Dreamlight uses this to ease you into sleep.

By breathing along with the soothing glow of Dreamlight’s internal orange light, people fall asleep more quickly and get better rest.

Dreamlight’s infrared light treatment helps to boost blood circulation around the eyes while sleeping, improving the skin’s appearance and health.

The mask also has four internal headphones, allowing users to create custom soundscapes via a multi-platform app.

A heart-rate monitor and gyroscope create a robust sleep profile, providing personal information to help you get the best rest possible.

Bose provide sound sleep

Bose have developed wireless sleep buds which block out noise so people can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Instead of streaming music, the earbuds play soothing sounds to cover up unwanted outside noise, helping people fall and stay asleep.

Pre-loaded sounds are specifically engineered to optimise the product’s noise-blocking design. Each sound covers a range of unwanted noises. These can include water, leaves, windmills and many more that are available to download via the Bose app.

Studies have shown that white noise helps quiet your brain, drowning out disruptive noises and gently captivating our subconscious attention with soft, soothing sounds that don’t require any real focus.

Sleep sounds are simple, so your brain doesn’t need to process them. They stay constant throughout the night providing an ambient backdrop to moderate any unwanted sounds and help you sleep undisturbed.

You can also set wake-up alarms that only you can hear, so you won’t disturb the person sleeping next to you. A product that helps you sleep and improves your relationship simply has to be a winner!

Make your duvet work smarter

The Smartduvet Breeze uses a network of small channels to deliver air that is either conditioned or warm, offering dual zone control so both you and your partner can sleep comfortably every night.

It allows you to set your preferred temperature and bed making time directly from the app. Preheat or cool your bed ahead of time to get the best night’s sleep.

To achieve a warm and dry feeling on warm mode the Smartduvet uses heated air sent from the control box and distributed evenly throughout your selected side of the bed. The openings in the Smartduvet layer help to eliminate the humidity and keeps people dry and warm all night.

For a cooler night’s sleep, the Smartduvet uses a scientific effect called evaporation cooling to reduce your body temperature using the air in the room. The same natural process is used by our body to regulate its temperature.

As water escapes our skin through evaporation our body becomes cooler, since this air vapour brings heat with it when it leaves the body.

By raising air circulation under your duvet, the product increases the body’s natural evaporation process creating a cooling effect on the body without using anything that could impact the environment.

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