Different Tips to Help Improve Your Website

posted by Chris Valentine

As a website owner, it is very important to always find ways to improve your site. Having a decent amount of traffic and sales are not enough to feel complacent. Competition is indeed tough online so you must always strive to improve your site even more. In this article, we will share some tips that will help improve your site to boost your traffic and sales.

Improvement in speed and loading time

It is advisable to always check your site’s loading time. Users hate it when a website loads slowly.

You must check with your web hosting provider the average bandwidth that you are using so you can upgrade your current plan if needed. Also, you should ensure that there’s no downtime especially during peak hours. In case there’s a scheduled maintenance and your site really need to have downtime, then be sure to have an advisory or at least a holding page that will assure your customers that the site is only down for a few minutes or hours. You should also mention email address or phone number that they contact should they have enquiry while the site is down.

Continue your keyword research and SEO efforts

Having a website means you’re always in search for keywords and related terms to target. It is always your mission to hit top pages in search engines so you can increase traffic and build higher score for your website. It is not enough that you ranked high in your main keyword – you should always continue your SEO efforts to maintain your position and even rank higher in other keywords.

Fresh content weekly

You should also make sure to always publish new content on your website. You should aim to post at least twice or once a week so people will keep coming back to your site. Also, seeing fresh content will let them know that your site is up to date.

New graphics and banners

Another way to keep your site updated and looking fresh all the time is by using new graphics or banners. Most visitors are very visual – they want to see something pretty so take time in producing high quality graphics and banners. However, do not go overboard to the point that your site looks messy and all over the place and it can also compromise your site’s loading time.

Exciting promotions

It is also great to have monthly promotions to keep your followers satisfied. Online users tend to love promos no matter how small or big it is. They appreciate even the smallest promo like free delivery or coupons for their next purchase. Thus, it is advisable that you plan these promotions. Also, promos tend to increase sales and traffic significantly.

Address your followers with monthly Newsletters

In addition to monthly promotions, it would be great to have monthly Newsletters that will update your followers about the things in-store for them this month or results of the previous month’s promotions.

Getting feedback

Lastly, it is best to gather comments and feedback from your avid customers and followers. You should take into consideration some suggestions and if possible, give them what they wish for. They will surely appreciate knowing that you listen to them and value their suggestions.

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