What Is Cryptocurrency? 

posted by Chris Valentine

There are a lot of cryptocurrency coins, actually around 1,000, and the most popular one is Bitcoin. 

Cryptocurrency is a new type of asset that is different from the common money or other financial assets. It differs from the money because you own crypto and don’t need to have any bank or another trusted party – you store it in the cryptocurrency wallet made by the software development company

What can you buy for crypto?

Anything! You just need to find the person who is going to sell something for crypto as well. 

By the way, in many countries, you can find different restaurants, shops, and other places that allow you to pay with BTC. 

You can find on the Internet all the places that accept crypto in your country. 

But before spending it to buy a coffee, think – is it a good investment? Maybe you can store it and then make a profit when Bitcoin’s price is higher? 

Does Cryptocurrency Have The Future? 

Well, a lot of experts consider it a pyramid scheme. 

And it could be but there is one note – people can use it voluntarily. No one promises people will buy it and become rich. 

(Well, some people do, but don’t believe)

And here I don’t mean that crypto is useless.

If you are an experienced Forex trader, for example, you know that it is possible to earn on currency fluctuations. The same thing is with crypto.

You can buy some Bitcoins and store them till the price is bigger. You can trade different crypto coins on crypto exchanges as well. To do this, you need either know the technical analysis or find a good crypto signals channel. 

If you want to choose the second option, you need to know that there are a lot of traps in this field. There are more than 500 crypto channels now and only 40-50 of them are fair and post profitable signals.

That is why, if you want to be a successful trader, you need to check every service you are going to work with.

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