How to choose a career you’ll love

posted by Chris Valentine

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a career they enjoy. According to a 2007 study, 85% of the working population hates their jobs. This means most people hate their jobs or are bored with what they do. But, because of the security that comes with a good job, people find it too risky to move to a career they love. How can you ensure you choose a career you will love from the word go? These tips will show you how.

  1. Remember what you loved as a child

Your truest nature was most visible when you were a child, but life pressures and your socialization could have undermined your passion for something more ‘acceptable.’ Go back to what you loved to before you had to worry about the pressure of choosing an ‘appropriate career’. Being in touch with those instincts might give you a good idea of what you can do, or at least what you enjoy.

If you loved taking care of people, for instance, you could consider a career as a nurse, social worker, therapist, or elementary school teacher. This will guide you when making college applications, whether you are choosing an ivy league college like Stanford or not. If you decide teaching, nursing, or psychology is your chosen path, you can apply to Stanford graduate school of education, medicine, or social sciences. Check out Stanford Admissions Tips to make sure you know what’s required to get an admission. Consider the extracurricular activities that will strengthen your application as well.

  1. Build on the skills you already have

Loving something you are not skilled in is difficult, but if you have an idea of how to do something, you can turn it into your career. For instance, if you are a good actor, musician, or enjoy making things with your hands, you might enjoy a career in TV and film acting, singing, or carpentry. You can also incorporate your strength into a career path you plan on taking. For example, music can be incorporated in psychology as music therapy, or you can use your skills in building things in architecture or landscaping.

  1. Consider money but don’t let it be the core influence

Besides loving what you do, you need to make money and earn a livelihood. Even when choosing a career after high school, it’s best to choose a job that will provide the funds you need to live a comfortable life. Making a shift later in life is harder than it is choosing a path you will love when you are younger. You don’t want to be forced to stay in a path you hate, simply because you have bills to pay. Make an appointment with someone successful in that career and ask for their advice if you are unsure.

Choosing a career is a lifelong decision. You can be trapped in a job you hate, or you can enjoy going to work every single day. Before joining college, experiment with a few options before you settle on one that you earn money from and enjoy.

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