Why Becoming a Project Manager Is a Sensible Career Move

posted by Chris Valentine

There are numerous careers in the world for you to choose from. Each one has a list of pros and cons that you need to take into account. But which one is going to be perfect for you?

When it comes to project management, there are plenty of reasons for thinking that this is a sensible career to get into.

The Salary Is Excellent

We might as well start with the point that most people look at first of all when checking out possible new jobs. It is all very well getting job satisfaction and everything else you want, but any job needs to have a good enough salary to pay your bills every month too.

Project manager salaries tend to have an average of $80,000 to $90,000 in the US. In the UK, the average sits at around £40,000 to £50,000. It has to be said that these figures vary fairly widely according to the region and industry involved. 

As a project manager, you can expect your wages to increase over time as your experience grows and you lead more projects. Taking PRINCE2 training to become fully certified may also help to boost your salary.  

Lots of Opportunities to Learn More

This is the kind of role in which there is no shortage of chances to learn new skills. Every new project brings you new challenges that you need to rise to in order to make it a success. Will you need to learn how to use SQL, Excel, PowerPoint or some other type of program?

This means that you may need to go on training courses and learn how to use these new tools. This is a terrific way of stretching yourself and finding out how capable you are learning new things on a regular basis. You might also need to lead a team, run workshops and carry out other new tasks.

If you like to face up to new challenges and learn useful skills then the world of project management could be exactly what you need.

There Are Great Opportunities

The need for project managers all over the world leads to terrific opportunities to further your career. Wherever you would like to work, there is a good chance that there are jobs there for someone who is qualified and experienced in running projects.

Even if you would like to stay closer to home, you will find that project managers are needed in all sorts of different industries. Every company needs people who can bring in new processes and help them to stay ahead of the competition, which is why qualified project managers are so in demand now.

If you love the idea of trying out new challenges then everything you could hope for is waiting for you with a project manager role.

Every Project Is a Fresh Start

Do you like the idea of starting over again every now and then? Some jobs can leave you ending up feeling as though you are just going round in circles.

With the project manager role, every piece of work has a clear start and end. You need to do everything that is needed and then move on to the next project that is lined up for you. 

This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to get fresh challenges on a regular basis. You will always be aware that even the longest and most difficult project will end one day. 

If you are looking to make a sensible career move then getting into project management can be exactly what you need to get a brighter future.

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