How to Introduce PRINCE2 to Any Business Painlessly

posted by Chris Valentine

Running professional and efficient projects means that you will feel happier about meeting any future challenges that come your way. Yet, you might wonder whether introducing a project methodology is going to be a painful process.

The good news is that the PRINCE2 approach can be adopted easily by any company in any type of industry. The following steps show you how to go about it in the simplest way.

Get a Project Team in Place 

The starting point for working with PRINCE2 is to bring in a team who can work together on your projects. This will normally mean getting at least one project manager and a number of business analysts.

There are a couple of ways of doing this. One is to hire experienced, qualified project staff. This will mean spending a decent budget on it but being able to get the team up and running right away. 

The other approach is to train your existing employees by sending them on PRINCE2 weekend courses London. This may be a more flexible approach, as you could opt to have them work on your projects on a part-time basis while still carrying out other tasks.

Use the Right Software

There are certain types of software that are needed to implement PRINCE2 projects easily. Among these are fairly basic tools such as Microsoft Word and Excel. To be honest, they can carry out the majority of tasks using these tools.

However, you may want to look into the specific tools that can be used to create Gantt charts and Kanban charts, to make video-conferencing calls, to design process flows and to carry out other important tasks.

Some of these tools are free and others need you to pay a license to use them. It is worth asking your new project team to look into the matter and recommend which pieces of software they want to use.

Support Your Project Team

One of the main reasons why project teams fail is due to a lack of support from within the business. In fact, in some cases this can be a perceived lack of support rather than anything that the senior managers have specifically done or not done.

It is important to be clear that they have your full support at all times. This can be as simple as showing a high level of interest in their work or in clearing away obstacles for them.

Not every project is going to run smoothly. Yet, by showing your support and helping your project team every step of the way you be giving them a far greater chance of success. This is especially true in the early days, when they might be lacking in confidence.

Choose the Right Projects 

Finally, there is no doubt that your choice of projects is crucial. Even the best, most experienced PRINCE2 team can run into problems if they are given huge, complex projects that are poorly defined.

For their first jobs, it is a sensible idea to look at fairly simple projects that they can sink their teeth into. This will let them build up their confidence levels while still doing valuable work for the business at the same time.

Try to make their first projects interesting and potentially very useful for the company as well. This will help the team to feel as though they have got a lot to look forward, as well as allowing the rest of the company to see how valuable PRINCE2 could be in the long run.

These simple steps will let you start running your very first projects in a way that helps you to achieve your goals.

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