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Insomnia, sleep apnea there are scores of sleep disorders that afflicts modern generation today. While popping sleeping pills is easy, it has far too many side-effects to become a regular part of your regime and that’s where effective acupressure points for better sleep come into the picture.

The fact that it is so easy to administer, (even self-administered in most cases) makes it an extremely potent and effective solution for people suffering from any kind of sleep issues. While sleep eludes the modern generation, acupressure can provide the much-needed relief.

Acupressure Points for Sleeping Disorders and Insomnia

Acupressure points for good sleep are the best way to revive a person as it helps induce sleep. Sleep disturbances have far-reaching consequences on the body, if it continues for too long, your body needs at least 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep to function at its optimal best and also to ward off diseases.

The current generation is fixated with their gadgets, keeping awake for long hours, staring at the screens of computers and smartphones, this disturbs sleep cycles and affects the sleeping pattern. It inhibits the secretion of the melatonin hormone, the sleep hormone, as they say, that has a huge number of benefits, right from a weight loss to diseases prevention. So, if your body goes on a sleep deficit, you cannot just make up by sleeping on the weekends. You have to make 7-8 hours of sleep a regular affair and to achieve that you can safely rely on acupressure points to induce sleep. Check out some of the acupressure points here. You can fix your inability to sleep issue with the main acupressure points.

  1. Third Eye Point

The third eye point in Acupressure is a potent point that helps treat a number of diseases. It is also known as the GV24.5 Point. Locate this point right between the two eyebrows, and at the bridge of the nose. To activate the point, keep applying gentle pressure on this point with the help of your thumb or index finger for two minutes. Acupressure Third Eye Point treats various issues such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia and it brings a sense of calm in your central nervous system.

  1. Vital Diaphragm Point

Locate this potent on the back side situated between the shoulder blades at heart level, also known as B38 this helps fix a number of sleeping disorders. You can apply pressure on this point for a few minutes and then let go of it. The Vital Diaphragm point can solve a number of issues such as high emotions, insomnia, and helps promote restful sleep.

  1. Wind Mansion Point

Locate the acupressure Wind Mansion Point right at the center of the back of the head. You will find this point at the hollow right under the base of the skull. You can activate this potent point by applying firm pressure on this point with the help of your thumb. Get your body into relaxing mode by breathing deeply. Keep repeating this point continuously for two-three times and help fix the sleep problems. It also provides solace to a lot of other issues as well such as eye problems, stress, and headache.

  1. Spirit Gate Point

Locate this point on the inner crease of your wrist, right along the line of the little finger. Activate the Spirit Gate Point by pressing it with your thumb, ensure that you do not press it to with too much pressure. Activate this point by alternatively using both your hands. one after another. It can cure a number of problems such as insomnia, cold sweat, anxiety, and over-excitement.

  1. Sole of Foot Point

The sole of the footprint is one of the better acupressure points for sleep problems. You can find this point either on the on the sole of the foot or on mid of the heel. Find this point right in the front of your heels aligned with your ankle bone. Use your thumb to put gentle pressure on this point. Remember that this point is sensitive and application of pressure should not be too much. This point is fantastic in resolving most of your sleeping issues.

  1. Heavenly Pillar Point

Locate the Heavenly Pillar Point behind, down your neck. Let your fingers find this point one & half an inch right below the base of your skull, on the muscles outside your spine. Apply firm pressure (with your thumb) on this point simultaneously on both sides of the points. Remember you have to relax your body while you administer pressure on this point. Release the point and you will feel a lot relaxed. This is a great point as it solves multiple issues ranging from insomnia, stress, and exhaustion. Remember after a tiring day, when your head touches the pillow, yet you cannot sleep, activate the Heavenly Pillar Point.

  1. Sea of Tranquility Point

This is one of the most effective acupressure points for good sleep and it also helps clear chest congestion. Locate this acupressure point in the middle of the chest right at the center of the breastbone. Use your thumb to apply mild pressure on this point at least for 1 to 2 minutes. Let go of the pressure and then stimulate the point once again, repeat as per requirement or better still activate this point just before you hit the sack. If any upcoming event is making you nervous or your anxiety is getting the better of you try and activate the Tranquility Point.

While you apply all the above-mentioned acupressure points for insomnia, ensure that you make several lifestyle changes as well, eat healthy food to enable proper digestion, exercise for the proliferation of happy hormones and to tire you out, just the right way and switch off your gadgets an hour before you go off to sleep. Two hours is great but we can start with an hour. Try and maintain good sleep hygiene, take a warm shower before you sleep, darken the room lights (ideally, your bedroom should be pitch dark) and breathe gently before you try the acupressure points.

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