Does CBD Cause Liver Damage?

posted by Chris Valentine

The CBD market has been booming in the recent past. This can be attributed to the legalization of the hemp production and the healing abilities of CBD products. Studies show that CBD products can treat numerous health disorders, including chronic pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety. It is believed that CBD has the potential to treat even more disorders with researchers spending more time studying the healing abilities of CBD products.

CBD has been in on the market for a relatively short period. As a result, no conclusive studies have been conducted on these products to show whether they can beare harmful for human use. While CBD products are popular in treating the earlier mentioned health problems, the long-term effects are uncertain.

In a recent study, researchers have pointed out that high doses of CBD can cause liver damage to mice. Can this be the case with humans? If so, what are the benefits of CBD use compared to the potential side effects?

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is extracted from the cannabis plants (marijuana and hemp). Even though CBD is extracted from cannabis, it is free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – the substance responsible for giving marijuana users the ‘high’ feeling. This means that using CBD products does not cause any form of mental alteration, although it is obtained from marijuana and hemp plants.

CBD is widely used not only because it does not cause a high feeling, but also because of its massive potential for healing numerous health disorders. CBD products can be taken in several forms. These forms include vapes, pills, oils, and creams.

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Can CBD use cause liver damage?

A recent study conducted by the University of Arkansas for Medical Science indicates that CBD products can potentially damage your liver in the same manner as alcohol. The CBD drug used in the study was Epidiolex- , the only CBD drug approved by the FDA used to treat epilepsy.

The study conducted on mice indicated that the mice which consumed high doses of CBD started displaying signs of liver damage within a day. The label on the Epidiolex drug also warns users of the potential of liver damage. A high dosage of this drug can elevate your liver enzymes.

Should you be worried?

In 2019, in a study also conducted by the University of Arkansas, researchers found out that CBD, if consumed in extremely high doses, can damage the liver. The research conducted on humans who volunteered for clinical trials on CBD drugs showed that 5-20% of the patients had elevated liver enzymes.

According to medical experts, elevated liver enzymes is an indicator of liver damage or inflammation to the liver. A temporarily elevated level is not harmful but can be dangerous if the levels are high for too long. This means that you should not be worried about damaging your liver if you stick to the recommended doses. Monitor your dosage and consult your doctor before you begin using any CBD product.

The bottom line

CBD products can be used to treat a variety of health conditions. You will get the best results from your CBD product if you moderately use it moderately. Like any other medical product, a high dosage of CBD can potentially be harmful to your body. Make sure you buy quality CBD products from a reputable seller to avoid any adverse effects that can be associated with using substandard products.


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