What to Expect During Your Stay at a Drug Treatment Facility

posted by Chris Valentine

Now that you’ve decided to embark on a journey to recovery, are you slightly worried about what is rehab like?

Well, you’re not alone. Most people starting a drug treatment program wonder how rehab works and don’t know what to expect.

In rehab, a lot happens besides helping you quit your addiction. Rehab is a homely environment where you can interact with other residents, create good memories, and help each other towards a common goal. Most drug treatment facilities are a home-away-from-home!

Here is what to expect during your stay:

Arrival and Admission

On your arrival, you’ll meet an admissions specialist who will start by welcoming you and asking various questions. If you have gone through a detox center before coming to the drug treatment facility, the specialist will only test a few things to establish your health status. This could include body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate.

If you haven’t been to detox, the specialist will check you to determine what substances you’ve been using and for how long. This will help them establish the right course of action to take in getting all drugs out of your system before you begin the program. It’s necessary to give the correct information because withdrawal from certain substances can be dangerous; although in rare cases.

If you have any questions about the program, don’t be afraid to ask. Be honest with the staff and if you have any concerns raise them early. After admission, you’ll be shown around the facility as you’re introduced to staff and fellow patients.

How and Where Will You Be Sleeping?

Sleeping arrangements vary from one rehab to the other. Some have shared rooms; others have private rooms, and most have both options. Either way, most rehabs have very comfortable sleeping plans because adequate, sound sleep is an integral part of recovery.

Relationships are not allowed in rehab because you’re likely to lose focus on your main goal. There are sleeping schedules you need to follow, so don’t expect to get into bed whenever you want. In most cases, you’re required to be up early and sleep early.

What Meals Are Offered?

Most rehabs emphasize on keeping a healthy diet during your recovery. In some rehab centers, patients cook for themselves while in others, there is staff assigned that duty. Meals provided vary from one facility to the other, so be sure to check what your center offers.

Will You Keep in Touch with the Outside World?

Today, people are addicted to their phones, tablets, and many other communication gadgets. Most drug treatment facilities won’t allow you to come with these devices into their compound. Your focus needs to be on recovery, and these items are likely to lead you astray.

However, you’ll be allowed to maintain contact with your friends and family through the facility’s primary phone. Your family members are urged to play an active role in helping with your recovery, such as by participating in your therapy sessions.

How Does the Drug Treatment Work?

The most significant aspect of drug treatment involves therapies that have been proven to help recovering addicts attain sobriety. The most common ones include individual, group, family, and cognitive behavioral therapies. They all aim at establishing the underlying causes of your substance abuse, how it affects you and your family, and how best to prevent relapse.

Don’t Worry About What Happens in Rehab!

Just get up and go! You’ll find another family waiting for you at the facility. It may be a little difficult to adjust to your new home, but two days won’t pass before you feel settled.

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