Looking for an Exciting Exercise? Aerial Yoga Might be an Option for You

posted by Chris Valentine

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance you’ve gone through tons of yoga tutorials in trying to find that perfect technique to take the edge off. This is especially the case if you’re a yoga fanatic looking to add some oomph into your workouts. If this is you, then you’ve been losing out if you haven’t tried aerial yoga. Gravity is already exerting too much load on you and by going against its laws while combining conventional yoga poses mid-air, you’re going to reap the maximum benefits from the ancient Indian philosophical discipline. If you’ve been looking for an exciting exercise, here are some reasons aerial yoga might be an option for you.

No skills required

One of the perks of participating in aerial yoga is that you don’t need to be a pro at it to enjoy it. Floating mid-air is enough to give you an experience of a lifetime. This is a great opportunity to explore new techniques and to expand your horizons when it comes to yoga. Hey, as if this is not enough, you don’t need your shoes! Amelia, a proficient instructor at MissFit.com.au insists that you might as well bring your heels if you are in for some crazy and exciting props that the even best pole dancer you know may not be able to hack. This means that you can mix up your aerial yoga workouts with lots of fun. Needless to mention is the fact that you don’t need research to tell you that for the thrill of it, you’ll practice aerial yoga more often! And do you know how aerial yoga classes end? With you cocooned inside a hammock swinging from side to side. Talk about finding your zen in the most unusual, but fun way!

It’s the best way to work on your core

When you take your yoga routines off the ground, you lose your grip on gravity. This means that you’ll need to engage your core muscles to help you with mid-air stability and balance stunts. So if you’re looking to trim some inches from your waistline and boost your core strength, then you should try aerial yoga. In addition to this, aerial yoga helps improve your flexibility in ways conventional yoga cannot. It’s a great way to stretch your ligaments and relax your muscles.

Improves your back

If you’ve been suffering from back issues, aerial yoga is packed with some spinal healing moves that will help to rehabilitate your back in no time. All the twisting and awkward positions whilst hanging mid-air in a hammock will help to decompress your spine. These moves also help to strengthen your spine and hip ligaments. Aerial yoga can be a great physical rehabilitation workout for patients suffering from serious spine issues, hip problems, or joint problems. But before you start executing difficult inversions, be sure to check in with your physician.

Improves your body movement skill

Performing inversion poses mid-air can help you achieve body movement skills you couldn’t have achieved with conventional yoga poses. This will help to improve your overall body stability. In addition to this, you’ll also learn new skills to help improve your flexibility because aerial yoga stretches are non-restrictive and in addition to this, they are also effective.

Rejuvenates mind and body

Aerial yoga will help to fortify your neural connections, which in turn help to improve your brain functions. In a nutshell, neural connections are associated with brain functions and strengthening them will help you to achieve optimal mental abilities. To add on to this, aerial yoga can also help improve your blood circulation, digestive, and respiratory systems. When all these systems are regulated, your mind is at ease, your body nourished, and your mental faculties boosted. It’s an all-inclusive workout regimen that helps you to achieve an overall best.

Comprehensive body workout

With aerial yoga, you don’t need to switch between workouts. In a conventional setup, you’d have days to work out your upper body, lower body, arms, and core. Aerial yoga provides you the convenience of working your entire body at once. Aerial yoga poses and stretches are made to redefine and tone both the upper and lower body in a single session. This will help to enhance your frame of mind and in addition to this, the fulfillment of having worked out your entire body.

Aerial yoga is a great opportunity to take your mind away from the regular to the extraordinary. If you’ve never pictured yourself participating in any acrobatic activities, then it’s time to try something different. It’s a fun way to work out while having a blast.

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