Shave School: 8 Secret Shaving Tips for Men

posted by Chris Valentine

Every man can shave their face, but how many know how to actually do it right? Click here to get 8 shaving tips for men you probably didn’t know about.

Steel yourself. Wave goodbye to nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs. We’re going to give you the lowdown on how to get up close for the perfect shave every time.

Male grooming is big business with the global market expected to reach around sixty billion dollars by 2020. With the vast array of shaving products available, it can be bewildering working out what’s best for you.

We’re here to cut through the choices. We’re giving you our eight top shaving tips for men so that you’ll always have a face as smooth as silk.

1. Prepare Yourself

Men’s faces are very different from those of women. They have more facial hair and a thicker skin. Their faces also tend to be oilier.

That’s why you need to spend a bit of time preparing your face before you pick up the razor.

Male grooming is part of a healthy lifestyle. It should be something enjoyed and that makes you feel good. So you need to spend a bit of time getting it just right.

Before anything else, you’ll need to rinse your face in warm water with a mild soap. This is going to take away any dead skin that’ll get in the way of your blades. Your skin needs to be clean and well prepared.

You should try and use a facial scrub two or three times a week. This will help give your skin a healthier look by removing dead skin.

The warm water will also put moisture into your facial hair. That will make the hairs on your face softer and easier to shave off.

A hot shower before shaving is a great idea. The steam will again soften hairs as well as unblock pores.

2. A Good Quality Shaving Cream 

What you need when shaving is a product that’s going to lubricate the skin well. That lubrication will add moisture to your facial hair and act as a shield for your skin against the blade.

Go for a product that’s rich and creamy rather than something that produces lots of foam. There are plenty of sensitive skin options out there too if that’s what you need.

Try and avoid aerosol type shaving products. These tend to contain chemicals that can dry out your skin. Instead, opt for cream in a tube.

3. Invest in a Brush

This is a must-have if you really want to reap the benefits of a close shave.

Essentially a brush is going to ensure that your cream is applied evenly. It’ll also help to raise your facial hairs. This makes it easier for your razor to glide across your face.

Your brush will be able to remove any stubborn, dead skin cells. That will lower the risk of irritation.

And, finally, your brush will produce a creamy lather from your product. All this will help to give your beard and skin maximum lubrication.

It’s a good idea to buy a brush that is stiff enough to raise the hairs of your beard. It also needs to be soft enough to create the creamy lather. The professionals recommend a brush made from badger hair.

4. Razor Sharp Shaving Tips for Men

Whichever type of razor you use it needs to be sharp. If it isn’t you’re going to get razor burn and itchiness.

There are those who will swear by multi-blades and others who argue that these can damage skin. This useful guide could give you the answers you need to choose a great blade.

Remember to rinse your blade regularly after each stroke to keep it clear of cream and shaved hairs.

How often you replace your blade depends on how often you shave. The amount of beard you have to shave is also going to be a factor. There isn’t a hard and fast rule here, other than that your razor should never be blunt.

You should soak and rinse your razor in warm water before you use it. This will get rid of any residue from your last shave.

5. Develop the Right Technique

If you’ve followed the previous steps carefully, then you shouldn’t need to apply too much pressure. Your razor should be doing the work for you.

You should avoid shaving against the grain. Your hair will grow in a certain direction and you should follow that with your razor. If you don’t do this, you’ll be more likely to get cuts or ingrown hairs. At worst, this could lead to an infection.

You may find that your beard grows in different directions depending on the area of facial hair. Practice makes perfect and you’ll soon get to know how the directions yours grows in.

If you’re unsure, drag a plastic store card across a part of your face that’s been shaved. If it glides smoothly then that will mean you’ve been moving the card with the grain. If you encounter resistance then the contrary applies.

6. The Lip Area

Lips are tender and, without practice, it’s easy to nick yourself here. Try blowing your cheeks with air. This is going to expand the skin and allow your razor to glide more easily.

You could also put your tongue between your teeth and mouth area. This is going to have a similar effect.

7. Save the Neck for Last

The neck area under your chin tends to be more sensitive. If you shave here last then your shaving cream will have had more time to work itself into your beard.

Try moving your head back a bit and stretch the skin by pulling the bottom part of your neck downwards. This will help your razor to move across the skin more smoothly.

8. Freshen Up 

Once you’ve finished shaving, rinse any excess cream off your face with cold water. You should then simply pat dry your face rather than rubbing it.

Apply an aftershave lotion. This soothes the skin and moisturizes the face. Now that you’ve shaved, it’s time to get out the clippers to give your hair a total makeover.

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