Fitness Rules You Should Always Follow

posted by Chris Valentine

Regardless of what fitness regime you want to stick to, it is really important that you take the necessary steps to actually guarantee that you will reap the rewards. The truth is that starting a healthy lifestyle with a good fitness routine is not as easy as you might initially believe.

It does not matter if you hire a personal trainer or you look at their videos on websites like Motify. You will be faced with hurdles. If you want to increase the possibility of actually sticking to your fitness routine, here are some important tips that you have to remember.

Do Not Let 3 Days Pass Without Working Out

You need to be consistent with any workout program if you want to get results, no matter what the desired results are. This means that you need to be sure that you do not let 3 days pass without doing exercise. In the event that you cannot perform your regular routine, at least do something to engage your body.

Generally speaking, it is a very good idea to work out for a minimum of 3 days per week. You will need one day dedicated to rest but the consistency you show in training is very important.

Work Out On Mondays

Set this rule and you will not regret it because you start the week right, focused on your goals. Having a good workout on Mondays simply lets you start with the right foot and you are set for success for the entire week. Also, although it will be a little difficult when you start, in time, it will make you love Mondays as opposed to hating them.

Do Not Give Up

This might sound like a cliché but it is something that you need to remember. Results do not come overnight. You will be faced with numerous unexpected events, traveling, pain, and even injuries. Your routine will be upset and you will be thrown off course from time to time. However, being sidetracked does not actually mean that you have to be derailed.

Whenever things fall apart, you should think about the fact that you are fit and healthy, or you at least want to get there. Your lifestyle should not change because there are some temporary setbacks. You need to be patient and stay focused. Always do all that you can with the cards you are dealt.

Work All Your Body

Variety is always the key to creating a fitness routine that you actually stick to. It is a great idea to cycle through different training programs and styles as months pass. You do not need to be in the gym for 5-6 sessions every single week and do this the entire year.

As an example, you can always cycle through bodyweight training and resistance training. You do one for a couple of months and then you move to a 90 day challenge. You can even go for hybrid workout routines.

Do Not Neglect Rest

Muscle grows when you rest. This is one of the most important things to remember. Due to this, you have to avoid overtraining and you need to be sure that you schedule rest days. Always stick to them.

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