5 Activities That Will Keep You Relaxed

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are new to The Daily Positive or if you are a regular subscriber you have come to this article to learn a few ways in which you can pull your mind out of whatever wheel it’s spinning in and pull it into the moment. There are tons of reasons why we want to pull our mind into the moment, with the top benefit is not thinking too much.

We all have that little voice in our head that reminds us of negative things in our lives. Maybe it’s a coworker who you just can’t seem to get along with or hurtful memories. They can go around and around causing us to panic and feel bad about ourselves. Getting into the moment can pull you out and start you on the road to feeling positive again.


There are few things better at getting the demons out of our heads than picking up a pen and paper and writing them down. Get yourself a journal if you don’t own one already. When you find that your mind is twirling on negative thoughts or painful memories, pull out that pen and write in that journal. Or any piece of paper will do too.

Your goal here is to write down everything you are feeling. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Don’t worry about anyone reading it. If you are paranoid about anyone at work knowing your thoughts and you don’t want to put it in the office garbage can then take it home and get rid of it.

The act of writing is a way of taking the ideas from your brain and removing them temporarily. Pay attention to the pen how it hits the paper. Keep a stream of consciousness going, but pay attention to where you are going? Don’t stop writing and drift back into your thoughts. Keep writing. You will find after a while, you have nothing more to write and you will be able to look around and take note of where you are. This is living in the moment.


This activity works differently than writing because you have to actually get down and put your hands in the dirt. When you do that, or pick up a wheelbarrow full of plants that you know, with your care, will become great vegetables you and your family will eat, it is hard to focus on that bad day.

Gardening or hanging out in your backyard has been proven to not only keep you living in the moment, it will reduce your stress levels, help you achieve a green lifestyle, and force you to get tons of exercise. Of course, not everyone lives in an area of the world that is prudent to gardening and some folks don’t have a backyard or the room. That’s fine.

There are so many other options. You can keep houseplants or get an indoor hydroponic garden. With a little research and the right tools like efficient LED grow lights and proper filtration systems, you can have an indoor garden in no time.


This one will do it for sure. When we are looking to “live in the moment”, odds are, it’s because there are too many negative thoughts circling our brains. There is nothing wrong with that but it isn’t healthy. A great way to truly feel the moment you are in is to make breakfast for some homeless people or head to the local children’s hospital once a week and play with the sick children.

When you are forced to see people who are dealing with real-life issues at the moment like lacking a place to live or a child who has fallen ill, it is very hard to keep thinking about your verbally abusive father.

Random Act of Kindness

Performing these are a great way to not only put you in the moment, they will put a smile on your face. We aren’t sure what it is about doing something nice that makes us feel good, but it does. So, when you have an opportunity to help an old gentleman unload his grocery cart or put a few dimes in a parking meter you notice has expired, try it.

Don’t do it with an expectation of a reward. Just do something nice for someone because you can. You will savor that moment and it will pull you out of your head. We realize our brains are amazing organs but living in it isn’t healthy mentally or physically.

Take a Walk

Just go outside and walk around. Look at your neighbor’s home and yards. Is there garbage lying around? Pick it up and find a trash can. Breathe in the air and try not to listen to your earbuds if you have them. When the wind blows through the trees it will fill your ears with wonderful music.

Let the sunshine on your face. Keep going. If you have a dog, then walk your dog. If you don’t have a dog consider getting one. When you spend 30 minutes a day walking your mood will boost and if you pay special attention to the world around you, you will be living in the moment.

In Short

Each of these activities should be able to pull you out of your spin and force you to view the moment you are in. If you take that feeling forward, after the activity is done, you might find that you have been able to sharpen your focus. Practice any of these tips every day and living in the moment will surely become a breeze.

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