5 Things You Need to Bring When You Go Fishing

posted by Chris Valentine

Recreational fishing is a great sport. It’s relaxing and rewarding. Both young and old can enjoy this sport and it’s relatively easy and affordable to get started. Great success in this sport will depend on the right equipment! Don’t let those fish outsmart you, show up to the water prepared and ready to land those fish. Also, remember that if you do things in the right order, surely you will enjoy fishing.

Extra Line

No matter how awesome you are, you will need an extra line. It must be in the unwritten rules somewhere, but no matter how good you are, you’re going to need an extra line. The fishing line tends to break because of a huge catch, those darn logs, or tangles that happen more than they should. Besides those tree bass can be pretty rough when you catch one!

Fish Finder

Catching fish is always fun. But first, you really need to find them. To up your odds of success with a fish finder. This useful device will help you to hone in on those hot spots in the water that are loaded with hiding fish. Feel like it’s cheating? Locate the fish then turn it off- Use your senses to finish the deal. Besides, it’s a tool, not a cheat. There are many makes, models and features available in a fish finder. Check Focus Fishing for information on the best fish finders.


It’s a simple tool, but if you forget it one day, you will certainly regret it. Pliers are used to remove a hook from a fish. At times the hook slides right out of their mouths, however, there are times that will call for a pair of pliers. The barbs in a hook get caught up and need pliers to help cleanly remove the hook. They are also used for tying small knots. If they have the cutting blade, they’re good for cutting line as well.

Small First Aid Kit

Fishing is a safe sport, however, accidents do happen. If a small injury occurs you will want to be prepared. Whether it’s just a small cut from the line or perhaps someone caught a hook in their skin, having antiseptic, butterfly bandages, gauze and even a painkiller will be helpful. Do not underestimate the benefit of being prepared, while you’re enjoying the sport of fishing. Preparation is important especially if you could be out on the water, a distance from land or people and help.


Bobbers are an interesting device that is useful when you go fishing. They are small and round or long, made of plastic and usually various colors. They will attach to your line, just up from the hook and sinker. Because of how they are made, they will float in the water. Their purpose is to visibly notify you when a fish grabs the bait on your hook. When they bite, they will tug on the line. This tug will pull the floating bobber under the water, at which point you know you have a bite and can start reeling it in! Bring extra bobbers as they are known to get lost, come off the line or get stranded in the water as the line breaks. If you are fishing with children, these make the sport a lot of fun for them.

If you are planning to go fishing, take stock of what you bring. Being prepared with the right equipment will ensure your chances of success and safety all at the same time. With a few essentials in your tackle box, you will be ready to land that monster fish in no time at all.

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