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Benefits of Using Kegel Balls

posted by Chris Valentine

For the uninitiated, Kegel balls or Ben WA balls are hollow metal or silicone balls inserted vaginally and can be worn inside the vagina for a long time. These small circular weights are inserted into the vagina to stimulate the contraction of its muscles. These balls can be considered as pelvic floor muscle trainers which bring out more benefits than one.

Better orgasm

As mentioned earlier, Kegel balls are great instruments for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to better sexual experience through more intense orgasms. This is because the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles are part of the pelvic floor and benefit from the exercise by achieving better contraction during orgasm. Kegel balls can be made specifically for this purpose such as these high quality Kegel balls that are remote controlled and are made of silicone. Because they’re better known for enhancing sexual pleasure, these wonderfully pleasurable balls have also come to be called as orgasm balls, Venus balls, jiggle balls, geisha balls, love balls or pleasure balls. For easy and safe removal, Kegel balls come with strings.

Helps with better bladder control

These balls can actually help you hold it in when it counts. Incontinence comes in different types: urge, stress and mixed. Exercising your pelvic floor muscles using Kegel balls can be particularly helpful with stress urinary incontinence. This type is the inability to hold urine due to abdominal pressure, which are caused by laughter, sneezing or coughing. With strong pelvic muscles, you can be confident of not leaking out in these situations.

A non-invasive solution for vaginal tightening

Kegel exercise balls are the best alternatives for vaginal tightening, especially after childbirth. Surgery is often thought of as the only option for achieving the original tightness of the vagina and its surrounding muscles. The vagina stretches when you give birth. Thus, it is impractical to have surgery to tighten back your vagina every time you give birth. Also, surgery is a very invasive procedure and can be prone to post-operative pain and infection. Health risks from surgery aside, the cost of vaginal tightening procedure can be quite expensive. That is because vaginal tightening is considered a cosmetic procedure and very often not covered by insurance, so the entire cost will come out of your pocket. The Kegel balls are easy to use, don’t require a prescription to buy and cost significantly lower than surgery. Plus, these balls are easy to clean, store and last for a very long time.

Strengthens the pelvic floor during and after pregnancy

Kegel ball exercises can be done while you’re pregnant and after childbirth. Remember to use Kegel balls very sparingly when you’re pregnant and follow up with Kegel exercises sans the balls. Be sure to thoroughly wash and lubricate the balls prior to vaginal insertion. Don’t insert the balls far inside the vaginal wall. Partial insertion is sufficient to stimulate pelvic floor muscle movement. Strengthening pelvic floor muscles can lead to easier childbirth, better bladder control, and hemorrhoids prevention.

After childbirth, your pelvic floor muscles take a beating and need to gain their healthy form. Again, Kegel ball exercises should be used sparingly, as the muscle floors are sensitive and prone to injury. The exercise should be done with the shallow vaginal insertion of the balls and more on exercising without them. This exercise can promote faster perineal area healing and regaining of bladder control.

Kegel balls have more than one health benefit you can enjoy. Not only does it improve sexual health, but it also improves bladder and rectal control. Also, it helps you regain feminine confidence by regaining vaginal tightening and pelvic muscle conditions. It also improves your way of life during and after pregnancy. It can be a handy instrument to have for pleasure and health purposes.

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