When Vanity Strikes: Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

posted by Chris Valentine

Most people wanted to look as best as they could all the time, especially girls. The good news is that you can learn beauty hacks and tricks that would save some of your time and money. Many gals out there are yearning for beauty tips that could help them have shiny hair or beautiful skin in the easiest and most affordable way possible. Lucky for you we have come up with great beauty hacks which could promote that “it factor” in you. These tips can be really helpful so be sure to remember and jot it down on your to-do-list.

1. Healthy hair with coconut oil.

Hair is considered to be one of the main issues that women worry about almost on a daily basis. But, curling, ironing, and dyeing may destroy your hair. Coconut oil can help you have that healthy hair you wanted without the adverse effects that you usually get from chemical-based hair products. Massage your hair with ample amount of coconut oil and let it sit for a few minutes before washing it off. This will help your hair absorb the natural nutrients from coconut oil to give your hair that healthy and natural shine.

2. Pimple no more with almond oil.

There was once in our life when we have encountered a really stubborn pimple. Almond oil is clinically proven to successfully fight against pimples and acne. It is also an effective natural remover for lipstick and other cosmetics. Just pour 4 to 5 drops of almond oil on a cotton ball and gently press it on your face on a circular motion.

3. Tamed brows with Vaseline.

Your overall appearance will be affected if you have those untamed curly brows. Put small amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly on your disobedient eyebrows and use a brow brush to shape them perfectly.

4. Green tea rhymes with beauty.

Green tea can be used for natural detoxification. It will get rid of those toxins out of your body. After all, women’s health is another reason for vanity aside from beauty. It helps you clear away those dark circles around your eyes. It is an excellent hack to enhance your skin care. Indeed, drinking green tea is one healthy way of making sure you’re healthy and beautiful at the same time.

5. Cold water for healthier skin.

This inexpensive hack has already been proven effective. According to some dermatologists, it is advisable to wash your face everyday. You also need to use cold water from time to time. Ideally, you may use cold water at least two times a week. Cold water helps you tighten your pores while hot water opens it. Open pores are prone to pimples and infections because bacteria can easily slip in.

6. Long-lasting fragrance.

This is another cost-efficient hack for pretties out there. It would have been good if the fragrance of our perfume would last a little longer on our skin. I know you had wished for that too. Well, this hack can help you achieve just that. You must immediately apply your perfume right after your shower. The humidity of your body will generate natural chemicals that will help you have a long-lasting perfumed fragrance.

The best thing about these hacks? They’re absolutely free from side-effects. So, you don’t have to think twice about having them in your daily beauty regimen.

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