What to Do When the Power Goes Out: 7 Fun Ideas to Beat Boredom

posted by Chris Valentine

A storm hits your neck of the woods, and the power’s out: What do you do?

Are you in panic mode with the majority of Western society, scared and cut off from all the resources you’re used to? Or do you sit it out and stay calm, hoping the power is restored soon.

Here’s a better idea. Have fun! Pass the time making memories whether you’re at work or at home. Here are some fun ideas to consider for what to do when the power goes out.

When the Power’s out and You Have Kids

Unless you have a plan in mind, you might feel stressed out if the power’s out and you have kids. Like their grown-up counterparts, kids panic when the house goes dark.

There’s no need to huddle in fear or endure the bickering of small, restless siblings, though. Use these fun ideas to kill time till bedtime–or until the storm is over.

1. Play Cards by Candlelight

Do your kids play cards?

A fun game like Go Fish can entertain even the youngest members of the family. Other games such as Crazy 8’s or Uno can keep the entire family on the edge of their seats for hours!

If cards aren’t your thing, you can always whip out the old family favorite: Monopoly. Use it as a chance to practice some math and money management with the kids. A good Monopoly game can stretch out over several hours as well.

2. Play Hide and Seek

There’s no better game to play in the dark than hide and seek. If you have a huge space to work with, that’s even better. If your home is small with lots of nooks and crannies, there’s all the more opportunity to get creative about good hiding spots.

Want to make it a high-stakes game of hide and seek? Hold a contest for whoever finds the best hiding spot. The winner can have one of the ice cream treats you inevitably have in your freezer that’s slowly defrosting.

3. Have a Makeshift Music Jam

Were you blessed with a musical family?

Even if you weren’t, you can always pretend for the duration of the blackout. Since you won’t be using them to make dinner anytime soon, gather all your pots, cans, cartons, and cans, and form a family band.

Kids and adults can enjoy a jam session together. If any of you are rhythmically inclined, he or she can lead a drum circle.

In any case, there’s never a better use for canned goods than as maracas and bongo drums.

What to Do When the Power Goes out at Work

Scientists and sociologists are pointing to overwhelming evidence that we might experience an American blackout someday. That means a total nationwide power outage that can happen at any time, despite perfect weather.

Can you get stuck in a power outage at work? Absolutely. Hopefully, if that happens, you’re in the middle of a regular and temporary power outage. In either case, here are some fun things to try in an adult-only environment.

4. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

The kids cherish hide and seek, so why can’t the adults have some fun too?

If your company didn’t buy synchronous generators for your building yet, the power might be out for a few hours.

Why not spend the time organizing a fun scavenger hunt?

  • Grab some office supplies or whatever else you can get your hands on
  • Hide them in various places
  • Scribble down a map for the scavengers
  • Write out some quick instructions for the hunt
  • And ready, set, go!

You can get creative and pass out prizes to the participating players. For instance, you can all raid the snack cupboard or the office fridge for some goodies.

Some may think this game is silly and childish. Make no mistake, though; there’s a priceless opportunity to make some good memories. Also, a scavenger hunt is a fun team-building exercise.

5. Play Truth or Dare

Who doesn’t love Truth Or Dare? It’s an adolescent pastime, sure. But it can be a fun, slightly risque game for adults to play as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to find out some burning details about your co-workers, there’s no better way to do it than through a game that’s designed to push the limit a little.

Just make sure that you won’t dare someone to do something you’ll all regret when the lights come back on.

6. Have a Candlelit Dinner

Who says candlelit dinners are only for couples in love? They can be just as appropriate for a good group of coworker friends when the power’s out.

If the rest of the town still has power, order in a few pizzas, sandwiches, or other entrees. Have an impromptu dinner party in the lounge.

If there’s a lot of food in the office fridge, don’t waste the opportunity to throw together a kitchen-sink meal. Make some salads or even just some desserts, and enjoy a small buffet. This idea is especially handy if there’s a gas range in the building by any chance. If not, simple cold cuts will do.

7. Have a Dirty Joke Contest

Are you tired of playing Truth or Dare, and about to zonk out from too much food?

If the power’s still out, liven things up with a dirty joke contest. Let’s face it: Most adults are partial to dirty jokes, or any form of adult humor for that matter.

This might not be appropriate forever workplace, but a fun hour of otherwise inappropriate jokes told around the table can bring some shy coworkers out of the shell. Besides, if the jokes are told in the dark, no one will see anyone else blushing!

Power’s out –Now What?

The next time you’re bathed in sudden darkness at home or at work, you’ll have a plan to keep calm and have fun. You’ll know exactly what to do when the power goes out, thanks to the above ideas.

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