Online gambling: Hazards or modern entertainment?

posted by Chris Valentine

With the rise of information technology, services offering games of chance and online gambling also flourished. But is online casino Hazards or modern entertainment? Let’s find out!

The statistics show that there are about 800 brands in the world, with servers in 70 different countries offering more than 4,000 virtual slot machines, 600 virtual casino points, 300 bingo websites, 260 sports betting sites and 240 Online poker scores. Among them, there are many reliable websites for an online casino such as Pennsylvania-Bet.com.

In this context, the French government, on April 6, 2010, enacted a law to legalize many online gambling games that allow expanding the competitive market of online gambling games across the territory. This Act is directly related to 3 areas including sports betting, horse racing, and poker. Mr. Charles Coppolani – Chairman of the Online Games Monitoring Agency (ARJEL), explained to RFI as follows.

“Internet games were legalized in 2010 for several reasons. First, the market has a lot of illegal service supply and has a great impact on the people of France. Due to pressure from the European Commission, which considers online games to be restrictive of business freedom, it was for those reasons that in 2010, legislators decided to allow However, not all games are allowed, only the following three types of games are allowed sports betting, horse betting and poker. All other games are banned online.”

The law was enacted by France, on the one hand, to create a legal framework against services that provide illegal games. On the other hand, in addition to the goal of facilitating players to access the permitted services easily, the law also takes into account the economic factor so that the field can “stand” and be “competitive” before off-line services.

Gambling: popular pastime despite the crisis

Thus, from an economic perspective, the game industry in France constitutes a relevant commercial and financial field that attracts many workers (directly or indirectly) and creates significant revenue for the tax industry. With the legalization of some online gambling, the number of players has also increased significantly.

Online gambling: high addictive risk

By itself, gambling addiction or risky games has brought dangerous germs, now with the proliferation of online gambling services. It further increases the dangerous nature of this addiction. According to Stephan Dehoul, an Internet psychology expert, on RFI, it is easy to access the game at any time and because the gap with the money is too big, because it is Virtual money on computers, so players are more likely to get addicted than traditional playing.

On-Screen gambling does not have one having to watch the other, so they become straightforward. Players can access anytime 24/24.

Moreover, symbolically, when entering a real casino, real money is exchanged for chips (jeton), so players have a gap with the money. So when playing online, it is clear that the symbolic distance is even more important, so players tend to be more likely to fall behind. Like a conditioned reflex, players are more likely to get addicted to screen games. However, real-life gambling itself is also a problem.

Moreover, the online play takes place continuously; players seem to be attracted to the virtual world and forget about the people around them. Online gamblers almost have a life completely isolated from the real world, follow the desire to win and win more, without having time to enjoy the joy of winning due to the continued games.

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