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What are a 24 hour Challenge and list of ideas to add in the next challenge?

posted by Chris Valentine

YouTube is one of the greatest platforms where audiences can connect with fun videos and share their ideas as well. This is a great place where users can show their talent. Moreover, it has become a place for business as well; people can earn money by getting more likes and subscriptions on their channel. Trendy and fun videos are also the center of attraction on YouTube. These fun videos make people love and connect with them. Today, apart from these trendy videos, 24 hours videos are also getting popular among viewers and You tubers.

Viewers love laughing videos which keep them entertaining as much as www.WizardSlots.com. Therefore they are highly in demand. Challenge videos are also popular as they keep the audience closer to you tubers and in return viewers get bonus points. People love taking challenges here as they are fun and interesting to do. This is not all about fun but it also works as the development toolsets for viewers. It also gives several benefits such as how to engage with other players, communication abilities and more. It enhances their collaboration with others on channel.

So, you can also try the 24 hour challenge and enjoy doing them. These challenges are usually not difficult and you tubers ask to do very simple things from their followers like guess the food, stay 24 hours in a dollhouse and more. It is easy to take these challenges and win reward points.

However, if you have an own channel on YouTube then you can also create some funny challengers for your audiences and engage them. Take a look at the ideas which are popular on the platform and make a new challenge video for the viewers. You can share the link with your friends and ask them to complete the challenges. You can make a video of your own doing that and post it. This will guide them to know how to perform it. You can even make a couple of challenges. This will get more popularity as couples find them doing more fun activity which brings them closer.

If you are new here and have no idea about it, then don’t worry. Here we have a list of some challenges for 24 hour videos that you can make. Make them more interesting by adding some punishments to them. A loser will have to bear the punishment and this will make it more exciting.

List of ideas for your next video challenges

Guess the food challenge

  1. Candy cane challenge

This one is pretty simple and fun. Simply buy a bunch of different candy flavors from the market and blindfold your partner. Ask them to guess the candy’s flavor; if he gets right answers then he wins. But, add a little fun in the challenge. Bring some of the unusual flavor that is hard to guess. This will add a little trick to the game or you can make new flavors by experimenting with some ingredients at home.

  1. Chicken nugget challenge

This is best to do with your friend especially the one who is a foodie. Bring chicken nuggets from the unknown places and ask your friend to guess the place just by having a taste of chicken nuggets. This will check how smart they are in guessing. You can replace the chicken nuggets with the hamburger, French fry or even with the coffee.

  1. Soda challenge

You can also try the guess food challenge with the soft drinks or soda. The process is the same, bring some unusual flavors and ask the participants to guess. You can also mix two flavors and do a little cheat with your friends making them lose it. Try it once, its fun.

  1. 1000 calorie challenge

You can involve more eating to it with this one. Take food having 1000 calorie and ask the participants to eat it in one sitting, or you can break it into two-part.

  1. Tin can

Here is a little trick in this, buy some canned food from the market and take out the labels from them. Give a number to each of them and ask your friend or participants to choose a random number. Whatever the number he/she gets; they have to eat the canned food with tin having the same number. To make it more fun, you can bring canned food that they don’t like.

  1. Eat it or wear it

Here you can add good as well as disgusting food varieties. Hide the food into the paper bags having a number on it. Make paper chits having a number and ask them to draw a chit. Ask the participant to pick the bag with the same number. They have to eat the food inside it or dump it on their head. Whosoever dumps less food on their head will be the winner.

  1. Saltine crackers

This one is pretty challenging as few people don’t like eating saltine cracker. Add a little twist here, ask the participants not to drink water while eating it. You can also set time say 60 sec for 6 crackers or you can add more.

  1. Ghost pepper

This one is pretty much harder, especially if your friend doesn’t like spicy food. If you cannot handle the spiciness then don’t add this to your challenge. But, if you can then this one is going to be a lot of fun. The challenge is to eat peppers without drinking water, crying or spitting it. You can start it with less spicy peppers to the hot peppers.

Some unusual challenge

You can try some of the different challenge where the participants have to do a particular task for 24 hours and if they fail they have to bear the punishments. Ask them to become a mermaid and stay in the pool. They have to stay like a mermaid for the whole day. Another idea is to ask them to stay in a dollhouse for a day. This one is also good and fun as everything in the house will be tiny and they have to be there for the whole day. Another fun challenge to do is to ask them for babysitting their elder siblings for a day.

You can go on YouTube and find some good 24 hour challenge. There are a lot of ideas to get inspiration for your channel.

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