5 Indoor Games that Guarantee Fun

posted by Chris Valentine
Indoor Games like darts will keep the kids entertained when the weather doesn't cooperate

Photo by CC user 57827564@N03 on Flickr

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you have grown up listening to this proverb, then you would have been taught the importance of games, sports or other forms of physical activity. Games not just refresh your mind, body and soul but bring you closer to the ones who are playing with you, make you learn valuable life skills, improve your attitude, make your physically fit, act as a stress burster and help you better the quality of your life. There are numerous good reasons to consider for making up your mind to be involved in games. But if unfavorable weather is stopping you to play games outside, then you should find indoor games serving your purpose just right.

There is no dearth of the numbers of indoor games as well. But if you are really concerned about the entertainment factor, then find the following list of five exciting indoor games aptly coming to your avail.

1. Darts: Darts belongs to the category of throwing games in which small missiles, commonly known as darts, are thrown in a painstaking manner to strike the right spot at a circular dartboard fixed to a wall at a distance. This game has been the most favourite of all traditional pub games. What makes it more preferred is the fact that buying darts and dartboard is not a laborious affair as they are easily available at any dart shop in Australia or across any country. And as their prices are low enough, they can be easily afforded by anyone who is planning to try his/her hands at playing darts. Plus, installing them and grasping their rules are effortless too, giving more reasons to the players to like this game. Play this game with your friends and see what fun it brings.

2. Air Hockey: Air hockey is the most popular game among youngsters as well as adults. It only involves a low-friction air hockey table where two players (acting as opponents) play with the aid of player-held mallets (also called strikers) and a puck. A typical air hockey table features large smooth playing surface surrounded by rail from all sides so as to stop the puck and mallets from slipping off and leaving the table. There are slots in the rail on the either end of the table which act as goals. The game, if played well with interest, is so much fun. It is counted among the top leisure sports, and is deemed to be the best game to offer the avenues of fun and stress release to office staff, employees, students, customers, clients, visitors, guests, etc.

3. Pool: Pool, also known as pool billiards, is a broader category of cue sports and games played on a pool table. Pool table is special kind of table that has six receptacles which are called pockets present along the rails. Most people are fond of a handful of versions, out of hundreds of pool games, which includes eight-ball, nine-ball, straight pool, one-pocket, ten-ball and bank pool. Apart from the table, cue sticks and balls are needed to play this game. Playing a 8-ball tournament with your friend could be a pure bliss and the most exciting thing if only you are well-versed in this game.

4. Bowling: Bowling is one of the leisure sports which, by nature, would require you to visit a bowling alley which is where you would be offered a flat wooden or other synthetic surface oiled to reduce friction over it. It is one of the most popular forms of the throwing sports. In this game, the player is required to roll or throw a bowling ball towards a target which are usually pins standing at the end of a lane. The game is very interesting to engross the players completely.

5. Table Tennis: Call it by table tennis, ping pong, TT or by any other regional name, the charm of table tennis would remain the same. It is a sport played over a special kind of table where two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth using a table tennis racket or paddle. It is generally governed by the rules of the game. However, the game is considered hit as it is able to offer the best releiving escape from daily tiring routine.

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