A Timeless Recipe for Planning a Party to Remember

posted by Chris Valentine

We throw parties throughout our entire lives. From baby showers to weddings to birthdays, there are so many reasons to celebrate the great milestones in life. Although the category of celebration may change, the recipe for a great party remains the same. We’ve put together our top 5 timeless tricks that will have you planning a party to remember, time and time again.

  1. An organised guestlist

Before any of the party planning can truly commence, an organised guestlist needs to be finalised. Are you going to allow people to bring their partners, children, or +1’s? Make sure you have a clear idea of numbers, and set a strict RSVP date so you know the size of event you’re going to be dealing with. Once these details are completed, you can start moving on the rest of the party’s recipe.

  1. A memorable occasion

What use is throwing a wonderful evening of celebration if there are no memories to prove it? Hiring a photographer, or enlisting photo booth hire services on the Gold Coast, is a great way to ensure that fun memories are captured, with a minimal effort from you or your guests. Furthermore, if you choose to hire a photobooth, guests get to take home a personalised photostrip – so they can carry the memory of the party with them for years to come!

  1. A perfect venue

Now you’ve got the guest list and the photography sorted, you need to figure out what venue would be perfect for you. How many guests are coming? Is it going to be a large party or an intimate gathering? Is there going to be a sit down meal? What weather is it like at that time of year? You’ll need to consider all these questions and more, so you can organise an efficient space for the type of party you want to throw.

  1. A dance-all-night DJ

Have you ever been at a nightclub or a live music venue where the music accidentally cuts out? It’s awkward, to say the least. Don’t let that happen to you! Enhance your party’s atmosphere as much as you can, by making sure you organise a competent DJ or a lengthy playlist to keep the vibes running high all night long.

  1. A back-up plan

Of course, no one likes imagining the worst case scenario, however you’d be a fool not to! In case of extreme weather or any other unforeseen but possible circumstances, make sure you have a backup plan. This can range from having a marquee hire on hold for the big day, having a Plan B venue, or having a team of friends and family on call to help you with any last minute hiccups. After all, the key to a perfect party is planning!

Don’t throw a yawn-fest next time it’s your turn to put on a shindig. Make sure you have an organised guestlist, a suitable venue and DJ to curate the atmosphere. Also, don’t forget the two most common mistakes: not taking photos and not organising a back up plan. Stick to this foolproof recipe, and your next party will truly be one to remember!

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