All New Released National Lottery Scratch Cards to Buy 2019

posted by Chris Valentine

The popularity of online games is only going northward with each passing day. The online platforms, like Lottoland, have made it possible for people to play online. They offer scratch card lotteries along with all the major international lotteries. Seeing the potential in the Indian market, Lottoland has launched an exclusive portal for Indians.

Why Are Online Scratch Cards So Popular?

Various reasons add to the popularity of online scratch cards, some of which are:

  • They are inexpensive to play.

  • They have the best winning odds generally in the range of 1 in 3, which is much better than even the low prize tiers of physical lotteries. Thus, people keep winning money in scratch cards, which keeps them motivated to continue playing.

  • Playing scratch cards is very simple, and most of the people find it very entertaining as you need to scratch to see if you win anything. As the winning odds stand at 1 in 3, people generally buy 4-5 cards at one go. They are sure to get something in one of them. Even if the winning amount is not big, it keeps them hooked to playing it again and again.

In 2019, a lot of new scratch cards have been released, which are available on leading online portals like Lottoland too. Some of these new releases are:

  • Top Dog Scratch Card: It was released on January 14th, 2019 and is available at around INR 85 per ticket. The jackpot prize in it is around INR 4.3 lakh.

  • Payday Green Scratch Card: This was also released on January 14th, 2019 at the same ticket price as top dog scratch card but with double the jackpot prize. Thus, if someone hits the jackpot in this scratch card, he or she is eligible for claiming around INR 8.6 lakhs. It is a very good return given the investment is only INR 85 per ticket.

  • Purple Scratch Card: This scratch card, which carries a jackpot price of around INR 86 lakhs, was introduced on March 4th, 2019. Again, though the jackpot prize is quite lucrative, the ticket prize stands at INR 85 only.

  • Green Scratch Card: For about INR 172 per ticket, a green scratch card carrying a jackpot amount of INR 2.15 crores was released in January this year. There is a total of 8 jackpot-winning scratch cards in it.

Several new scratch cards have been released so far this year starting from INR 85 to INR 850 per ticket. The winning prizes are good and many of these scratch cards have multiple jackpot cards and wins. For instance, the Diamond 7 Scratch card that is available at INR 850 per card has three jackpot cards carrying a jackpot amount of INR 17.2 crores. Winning any such jackpot will make you a multimillionaire instantly.

Scratch cards are loved for the excitement, suspense and the instant gratification they provide on winning and hence people love playing it.

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