Want to Start Your Own Business or Improve Your Current One: Hire a Business Consultant

posted by Chris Valentine

Given the upbeat economic surroundings, the ease of doing any business, high profitability, tax benefits and easy company incorporations are all available in Dubai. However, a company formation is a tricky task with long procedures and formalities to follow. Choosing the right licenses and jurisdiction, putting together all the documents, initiating visa processes- there is much to do. This is where the need of consultants comes at place. They help in entire business formation and running smoothly a business, but you need to hire the licensed ones which are registered with Department of Economic Development. Their main motto is business referrals and client loyalty.

Now come those who require business consultants for their steady running as well improvements in certain departments to match the global trend. You need to look in future also whether your business will sustain for a longer time or not. Bitter truth is company’s profits fluctuate very frequently with the change in economy. They also go on higher sides with the advancements of technology. So, these business consultants help in discovering in technologies that need to be matched with the current trend which will in turn help in revenue growth of the company.

Different types of corporate services offered by these Business Consultants-

  • Financial Services – You need a business consultancy with tremendous record in the field of financial services management. Hired consultancy should have strong fundamentals, which means they are needed to be finance experts. They must understand your requirements and then impart services accordingly. Some companies offer consultancy services across all free zone, offshore as well as in mainland jurisdictions. They arrange various funding and financing for companies from various financing and banking institutions. They need to give comprehensive solutions and are needed to be flexible in some ways. Various financial facilities offered are working capital facilities, project finance, term loans, overdraft line, letter of credit, bank guarantee, cheque discounting, local bill discounting, etc. Several accounting facilities are also offered like general accounting, expense processing, payroll services, consolidation of accounts, cash forecasting services, cash handling services, E-mail accounting services, etc.

  • Management Services – Business consultants should provide cost effective, creative, technology driven solutions for helping business in achieving steady growth and sustainability. They need to be aware of latest technology advancements which will help in increasing effectiveness and efficiency. Their management services should include setup, administration and management of corporate structures. Unnecessary hassles of the client should be undertaken by these consultants and solving the problems with their team’s combined effort. Various management services offered by these consultants are: Strategic planning, Franchising and management, Brand development, Growth strategies development and planning, Investment advice, corporate profiling, Market research and development, BPR- Business process Reengineering, HRM software management, Customer relationship management and so on.

  • Legal Services – These are most important services required in any business. The burden of attorneys needs to be alleviated. A running company requires legal assistance at some times for their daily chores but a legal advice is necessary when u need to start your own business. Business consultants should have passion for their technological innovation, client satisfaction, business process awareness that will help their clients. Their variety of solutions should be across multiple types of industries like finance, healthcare, real estate, travel, logistics, manufacturing, technology, hospitality, telecom, etc. They should have diversified knowledge regarding contract law, intellectual property, restructuring transactions, immigration law, bankruptcy, labour law, corporate law, etc. As a legal advisor, a business consultant must help in document certification, drafting legal and contract documents, trademark, copyright, patent, negotiation, transaction representation, tax advice, arbitration and litigation, etc.

  • Corporate Services – Business consultants provide with specialized knowledge, best industry practices, best trade practices, advance technology requirements so that the business has long term benefits from these.

  • PRO Services – Public relations officer helps in clearing of documents and essential requirements from the idea of business setup to a complete functioning business. All the stages of business setup are handled by a Public relations Officer. They play a major role in immigration, passport clearance, copyrights, patents, trademarks and certification. They help in arranging affordable and accessible offices or factories, local sponsors, retainer services, etc. PRO services are provided for different motives like:

  • For Company Formation – It includes getting various types of approvals from different Dubai Ministries like Labour, immigration, registration and licensing. Hassle free service is provided to save your precious time and getting the thing done. Formalities and standard procedures for documentation are followed by these services to help you setup your business.

  • For Visa Processing – PRO services help in getting labour cards from Immigration Department and getting employee visas for the workers working in the company. They also help in conducting medical check-ups and obtaining residence stamps of Visa on their workers passports.

  • For Company Liquidation – Sometimes, things do not go according to plan or desire, which force businesses to take an exit route which will free them from the burden created. For this also, PRO services help in proper dissolution and winding up of business with compliance of legal formalities. It involves termination of licenses, etc.

  • VIP Visa Services – Exclusive visa services are provided to the client for Visa documentation and passport requirements, scheduling the visa appointments, visa form filling, Emirates Id typing and guiding towards the whole process of gathering the Visa.

A team of experienced business consultants in Dubai helps at every stage of business setup as well as running the business smoothly and soundly. There are fees for the services provided by these business consultants which vary from company to company. You can start your business in Dubai’s free zone, local mainland as well as off shores. The best fitting solution for every business needs to be identified and recommendations should be given accordingly. The company which is honest and reliable should be hired as your business consultants. You need to simply do the research on Google regarding the company which offer several kinds of services you require plus what is the fees charged by them for their business consultancy services.

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