Jared Seyl – What Traits do CEOs Possess

posted by Chris Valentine

Jared Seyl Denver-based CEO is a man who I have looked up to for a very long time and someone who has taken me under his wing and taught me a great deal about the world of business. Jared is the head of an insurance company here in Greenwood Village, CO which specializes in farmers insurance. During my time working with Jared I have had the pleasure to meet many more powerful CEOs and what has often surprised me is the similarities which they have. To understand what success looks like, learning what traits the mosts successful men and women have is important.


Every CEO who I have met has been a huge fan of reading and they immerse themselves in books during their free time and during working hours. More often than not the book which they are reading center around self-development and business success and the number of books which these guys get through is simply incredible. Trying to draw the parallel between reading and successful CEOs I imagine that their reading time allows time to themselves and time for reflection in an otherwise highly pressured job.


Fitness is something else which I have noticed is a key part of a CEOs makeup and almost all of those who I have met have a strict regime, usually in the morning. Now of course these men and women can afford to go to the best gyms, or even have gyms installed in their homes, not to mention being able to pay for personal trainers. Nonetheless it is fascinating to see that instead of being gluttonous with their wealth, they instead prefer to invest in themselves and their bodies. Fitness has long been linked to higher levels of confidence and a healthier mind, which is surely why they chose to invest time into keeping themselves in great shape.


You wouldn’t think that a CEO has much time to do anything beyond their job but a large percentage of them are involved in leadership positions away from the company that they work for. Many of the CEOs who I have met are members of boards for charities or educational institutes and they have quite a lot of responsibilities within that. I imagine that there is a sense of giving back which they enjoy and the boards will surely welcome someone with the stature of a CEO.


I may not have met every CEO in the world but I have met a great deal and it would seem that they all have very similar music tastes. In the main they enjoy classical music and classic rock, as well as some easy listening music. The way we are wired depends on how we enjoy music and it would seem that leaders enjoy some funky rhythms, loud guitars and something which they can listen to without really giving much of their attention.

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